Wednesday, May 18, 2016

In this Op-Ed piece by OIC senior member Lance Moore, he correctly observes that the perpetuation of the JFK myth/lie is all about mind control. 


It is beyond frustrating that “they” (the Power Elite/Shadow Government/Deep State/Fourth Reich, or whatever you want to call them) keep saying that it is an "established fact" that a lone gunman (Oswald) killed JFK.  And people ask me to “prove” it wasn’t Oswald who did it.  But, the truth is, that it has been absolutely proven beyond the slightest doubt by a mountain of evidence (much of it from GOVERNMENT-published documents) that the bullet that killed JFK did not come from the sixth floor.  I know it more assuredly than I know my own address.

So, the situation is that Oswald wasn't even on the 6th floor, and whoever was on the 6th floor was not the one who killed Kennedy. So, how can the official story be true? 

So now the problem really is not that we need more evidence (although I am always open to learning something new), the problem is that we KNOW there is a widespread “force” out there trying to bury the truth and keep the Oswald-did-it myth alive, after 52 years.  With all due respect to President Kennedy, the JFK cover-up is actually the bigger crime, and, it is ongoing.   

Thankfully, I have had only a few critics who accuse me of just “playing a parlor game” of “who-dun-it” over JFK (while of course the “mystery” element IS interesting, we are now way past any mystery). No, this is serious, serious stuff. We are faced with the reality of knowing that the mainstream media- and all the Washington Power Elite- are outright lying about what happened to JFK.  And, it leaves me stunned because the ramifications are frightening.  It means (obviously) that we cannot trust any of the power structures/leaders of our own country…who are liars.  And, in this case, it is a worse lie than any of the usual partisan slanting, spinning, and bloviating- which I can live with as being part of democracy. This isn't partisan at all- because it involves both parties. Don't Democrats support the official story of the JFK assassination as much as do Republicans? What kind of devil's pact did they make?  The JFK lie is so big, so deep, so wide, and so pervasive that it aims to smother all contrary "opinions".  A simple but indisputable example of that is the PBS and ABC showing a computer-generated video purporting to prove that the “Magic Bullet” trajectories were scientific fact… yet in the video, they had to contort JFK's posture to get it to work. Notice how Connally appears to be sitting up straight and vertical but not JFK, who is hunched. 

That is NOT how JFK was configured. 

So, they contorted him in order to get their lines to work.  And, they actually MOVED the bullet-line-angle animation in two different spots of their video (and actually, NEITHER angle is possible)!  It was the only way they could make everything look convincing, considering the steep angle coming down from “Oswald on the sixth floor” and the misalignment between JFK's back wound and his throat wound. How could a bullet shot at a steep downward angle travel upward within his body when it didn't hit any bone?
This wasn't some sloppy mistake or oversight because they were claiming it was all “computer-generated” and infallibly “scientific." Their own claims indict them.  

So, it leaves us with this conclusion: there are people running this country who can not only dictate what the government and the media say, but even what science says.  And when they can hijack and corrupt science, that is the end of all free thought. It's the end of democracy as we know it. 

So, we already live in a post-democratic world… and I don’t have a clue what to do about it other than to continue to speak the truth.

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