Thursday, May 19, 2016

I am starting to wonder if the whole shooting of Oswald was staged, that it was all an act, a hoax. I'm NOT stating it as a fact. I'm just thinking out loud.

Everything about the whole spectacle is weird. They were moving Oswald from one jail to another. Why did they have to make a media event out of it? Why didn't they just do it, in the dark of night, and then announce it after it was done? 

If you listen to the tapes of the radio discussions that morning, it was all about how worried the Dallas Police were that someone was going to try to kill Oswald. Well, if they were that worried, then why didn't they do what I suggested above: move him without fanfare, without reporters, without telling anybody? There was no need to do any of it. 

But then, we it came down to it, you had Leavelle and Graves leading Oswald out, supposedly in what they knew was a high-risk environment. It was so high-risk that they had an armored truck waiting for him. So, since they were concerned about a possible attack, why didn't they, Leavelle and Graves, look around? Why didn't they scan the entire field of operation that they were in?  

Leavelle and Graves NEVER shifted their eyes the whole time they were leading Oswald. They looked straight ahead. Who does that? So, were they instructed to do it?

And then when Ruby was on top of them had a gun pointing at Oswald and practically had it in his belly, none of them, not Leavelle, not Graves, and not Oswald looked towards Ruby.

How do you not look in a situation like that? It seems like by reflex alone they would. But, when you consider that they were concerned about an attack, then it seems like they would have had heightened responsiveness to someone approaching them from that side. And what about the gun? Leavelle actually claimed to have seen the gun and recognized Ruby and to have known instantly what he was going to do with it. Well, you just have to look at the image above to see that that is inconceivable and unimaginable- unless Leavelle was in on it. 

And even Oswald's behavior is strange. Earlier, he was looking at Ruby.

So, why wouldn't Oswald turn his head towards a moving and approaching object in his visual field? You can't tell me that his peripheral vision wouldn't have picked up Ruby. 

Normally, you do that: you turn to look at a moving object in your peripheral vision. And in this situation, you'd especially expect him to do it.

So, I consider all three of them to be acting very strangely, but even the cops along the wall. They have been described as a "police guards." So, why didn't they look around? Why didn't they pick up on Ruby? 

And then, there's the unlikeness of that shooter to Ruby. He's too short; he's too fat; and his hair is too long.

If Oswald was in on it, meaning, if he was going along with a ruse, then I presume he was told that he wasn't going to be killed. But, I have no doubt that he was killed. Maybe they shot him in the ambulance. Perhaps with a silencer.

Nobody saw a drop of blood. And Oswald was reportedly bleeding profusely internally. By the time he got to the hospital, he had no blood pressure. He had bled out. They had to give him transfusions. But, not one drop of blood got on his clothes? It's hard to believe. Even Bob Jackson, the famed photographer, said that he was amazed that the whole thing was so antiseptic, that there wasn't one drop of blood.

I am not making any definitive statements here, but you can see where my mind is going. I consider the whole spectacle to be under suspicion. And hopefully, we can find answers.  

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