Sunday, May 15, 2016

As they're heading towards the garage, Leavelle definitely doesn't have his hand in Oswald's pants.

But then, when it gets to the garage, the imagery starts getting weird.

What is Leavelle doing wtih his arm? How is he getting it to bend like that? Doesn't that bend look like it has to hurt? The elbow is a hinge joint. It just flexes and straightens. That's all it does. 

Look where Leavelle's left shoulder is, and now look at what his forearm is doing. How could he possibly be doing that? What is that blackness jutting out from Oswald? It can't be his arm. 

Can you say dislocation? I think Leavelle's arm was faked.

Oswald's arm and shoulder are in front of Leavelle. So, where is that arm coming from? How is it going through Oswald? Is it going between his arm and his torso? And then buried in his pants? As they're walking? Are you buying this?

Is this the story? That Leavelle had his hand tucked in Oswald's pants for the whole walk? 

This is more photographic flim-flam. I am not buying it. 

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