Saturday, May 14, 2016

I have a question about this image. It's the iconic photo taken by Bob Jackson of the Dallas Times Herald. Ruby has already shot Oswald, right? Oswald is reacting to being shot, right? The pained, anguished look on his face is from being shot, right? 

Now, let's look at how Oswald was configured before he was shot. Below is the iconic photo taken by Dallas Morning News photographer Jack Beers a second before.

So, Oswald was clasping his hands, left over right, as he often did, and as he was doing in the doorway:

It was a habit of his. But, let's go back:

So, you have Ruby, who seems awfully short. Oswald is handcuffed to Leavelle in the cream-colored suit but not to Graves in the dark suit.  So, the bullet penetrates Oswald, and in response to it, he lifts his left arm and clutches it to his chest. It's very important to realize that he wouldn't do that before he got shot. It had to be after. 

Let's go in close:

Hmm. Let's go in closer yet.

So, he got shot, and in response, he brought his left forearm up to his chest, covering the wound, and simultaneously, he thrust his right hand out. But, I don't understand why we don't see all of Jim Leavelle's left hand. He was in front of and to the side of Oswald. So, what material is covering up Leavelle's fingers? How come we are only seeing his hand partially? It's almost as though he's got his hand in Oswald's pocket, but we know that's not the case. 

This is what Dr. Malcolm Perry said about Oswald, when they opened him up:

"Exploration revealed that the bullet had gone from the left to right, injuring the spleen, pancreas, aorta, vena cava, right kidney and right lobe of the liver."

The aorta is the largest artery in the body. If he was bleeding from his aorta, then blood was spurting under high pressure- for as long as the pressure lasts. So, what I'm wondering is: how come there are no visible signs of blood? Doesn't it seem like there ought to be something visible? And if not on his shirt, what about his hand? And speaking of his hand, isn't his thumb way too big, and isn't it anatomically incorrect?

What is that joint there that I have marked? Let's examine the joints involved:

So, you have the carpo-metacarpal joint at the wrist. That's where your wrist meets your hand. Then you have the metacarpal- phalangeal joint, which is circled in black. Then then you have the interphalangeal joint. So, what joint are we looking at here?

That's got to be a joint, right? Because you can't bend a straight bone like that. It has to be the junction of two bones. It's not the wrist joint because we can plainly see his wrist below it. So, that means it has to be the metacarpal-phalangeal joint. But, in that case, everything above it is the two little joints of his thumb:

So, how could the two phalangeal joints of the thumb be that long? And how could the position of his thumb be that way when that is the dorsal side of his hand? It isn't anatomically possible. Nobody could duplicate that. Isn't it obvious that that is more of a cartoon hand than a real one?

So, somebody did some art to Oswald's hand; there is no doubt about that. And somebody vanished the distal end of Leavelle's hand; there is no doubt about that either. 

 I have always wondered how Ruby could have gotten that far without provoking a response from Leavelle and Graves. You don't see clearly in your peripheral field of vision, but you do detect motion, and Ruby was moving. It seems like, by reflex alone, they would have glanced at him. 
I mentioned that the Ruby character seems awfully short. But, I want you to hone in on his hair in back, at the very bottom. It's long. It's curling up. Compare it to him two days before.

 Doesn't that seem longer on the right? Hair doesn't grow that much in two days. That would be negligible. Let's go in closer.

On the right, that hair is really long in back. Look how it's curling up. On the left, it's obviously not that long.

So, what is going on here? 

P.S. It occurred to me that it looks like it could be a wig on the right. So, when Tricia Scott thought the same thing and informed me of it, I decided to come back and mention it as a possibility: it could be a wig on the right. 

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