Friday, May 27, 2016

I know that angles and lighting and photographic conditions can make a person look different in photos- on the same day. But, is this much variation possible on the same day? No. It is not. What we have here on the right is a heavily altered image. It was heavily photoshopped, and keep in mind that I am using that word generically. I don't say that they used Photoshop or that it existed at the time they did it. But, they used whatever they had available to doctor that image- to a severe degree: beefing him up, packing the equivalent of at least 40 pounds on him, altering and enhancing his clothes (taking years of wear off his t-shirt), changing his hair, and also reducing the visual impression of the battering he took in the theater. It's art. It's theater. It's illusion.

And, it's just one of the many photographic manipulations they did. The JFK assassination is the most photographically altered event of all time. I know of nothing else that even comes close. I doubt they altered as many images in all of World War II as they did for this one-day event. 

Basically, everything that came in, everything they could get their hands on, they checked for making alterations. And remember that it started with a totally bogus photo, the Backyard photo, which Oswald did not pose for and which he denied posing for. He said that they moved his face to the body of another man, and he also said that he could do it himself from having worked in a photo lab. 

And they did that BEFORE the assassination. So, if they were altering photos before the assassination, you know darn well that they were prepared to do it afterwards. 

Anyone who denies that there was photographic chicanery in the JFK assassination is working for the other side. 

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