Thursday, May 26, 2016

So, if Black Hole Man has no face, how can I claim to be sure that he was Billy Lovelady?

First, Lovelady said he was there, "on your top level." Then he drew an arrow to that figure to point to himself. The big arrow on the left is indisputably Frazier's, and the only other mark on the photo is the black mark on forearm of Black Hole Man.  

There is also the good correlation to Lovelady's image from the 2/29/64 FBI photo shoot. Note that they whited out the vertical stripes on Lovelady's shirt in the Altgens photo. 

There is the excellent height and weight correlation to Lovelady.

Then, there is the simple deduction that we know that a) Lovelady drew an arrow to himself on CE 369, and b) after he drew it Joseph Ball was vague about it and quickly changed the subject and moved on to something else. But, if Lovelady had drawn his arrow to Doorway Man, Ball would have been all over it, bloviating about how it was drawn to the same figure as Frazier drew his, how it was pointing to the white man next to the column, the only face we can see in the doorway, etc. etc., as he did with others who gave him the answer he was seeking. So, there is no question that, at that time, Billy Lovelady was gently trying to tell Joseph Ball that he wasn't Doorman. But, poor Billy didn't realize, at that time, just how unacceptable that answer was, and not only to Joseph Ball.  It was a month later that, for the first time, Billy started claiming to be Doorman. He must have gotten the message that he and his family's health would be better off if he did. I'm sure they made him an offer he couldn't refuse. 

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