Sunday, May 22, 2016

Let's think about what happened after "Ruby" shot Oswald.

Did "Ruby" continue to be aggressive? No. Did he seem bent on committing further violence? No. 

We see Graves grab his arm with the gun: Leavelle grabbed him at the neck; and this enormous guy, close to us, grabbed him from behind.

Now, look at that scene, and think about this: How long would it take them to get control of him and pacify him? And again, he wasn't even fighting back. There is no evidence of that. So, what would you expect to happen? You would expect them to stand him up, cuff him, and then walk him away- upright. Isn't that what usually happens? But, that's not what happened here. What happened here is that "Ruby" remained low, and they swarmed over him for a long time. Then, they managed to move him out of the area and into the building without ever standing him up and exposing him- at all. 

We never see them leading him away. We just see a sea of guys in commotion.

We see a lot of that. And then we see this:

That's supposed to tell us that they have led him into the building, and they are processing him now. We never got to see him. They actually moved him from that ramp to inside the building with us never getting a glimpse of him. 

Then, much later, we get our first look:

So, finally, there, undoubtedly, is Ruby. What happened to his jacket? It didn't come off during the ruckus. And why is his shirt so disheveled when he had a jacket on during the ruckus? And couldn't they have walked him out of the area and into the building like that after the shooting? Just stand him up and walk him, as they were doing above. Instead, there was all that covering him up and keeping him out of view.

Notice above that Ruby's hat had come off, and we're seeing the top of his head. But, that guy with the receding hairline in back is going to put his hat back on.

That's his hat being restored. Their whole objective was to get that guy covered up and out of there and into the building without exposing him- at all. Why? Because he wasn't Jack Ruby. 

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