Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Now, we have to talk about Oswald because his behavior wasn't normal either. He seemed to make eye contact with "Ruby" early on.

Of the three of them, Oswald is the only one who ever looked to his left. But then, when "Ruby" actually rushed in, Oswald just looked straight ahead. 

Now you see, that's not normal. By reflex alone, Oswald should have glanced at "Ruby" who was definitely in his peripheral field of vision. Your peripheral field is blurry because there are few rods and cones, but it is sensitive to movement. Oswald should have reacted, but he didn't even begin to turn towards Ruby at the time of the shot.

Here it is from another film. First, there is Oswald looking at "Ruby". You don't see Ruby, but that's what he's doing. It's the same instant as before. He only did it once. 

Next, "Ruby" starts to make his move. Oswald is looking straight again, but you know he's picking up "Ruby". You can't tell me that he can't see him. Peripheral vision goes to almost 180 degrees.

Below, it's a small fraction of a second before the shot is heard. Oswald is still not looking or reacting. Of course, Leavelle and Graves aren't either. 

And the next frame coincides with the sound of the shot.

So, Oswald never turned. He never turned. And it just isn't normal. 

So, I'm left pondering two possibilities. And I'm just thinking out loud here. The first is that Oswald was cut in on it, that they told him that they were going to get him out of this, and the way they were going to do it was to fake his shooting. But then, they didn't fake it. 

Consider that it would have been hugely advantageous to have Oswald's cooperation. Because if they didn't have it, and he saw Ruby coming, he might have reacted defensively. He could have stopped. He could have tried to get behind Lavealle. He could have said something. Even just turning his body would have made the shot much more difficult. Look at it again.

Any movement on Oswald's part would have changed the entry point and angle of the bullet and altered the lethality of the shot. They may have put a lot of thought into where to shoot him. 

And then, surprise, surprise, he found out that they were just kidding about it being a ruse. 

So, that's one possibility. The other possibility is that it really was a ruse, and Oswald was just faking it, and then they shot him for real afterwards. 

One thing is for absolute sure: Oswald died. They were never going to let him live. So, he was definitely shot- either then or shortly afterwards. Perhaps in the ambulance? I don't know. I'm just speculating. But, what I do know is that we never see a drop of blood, nor do we even see any disruption of his clothing. And what Oswald did with his arms afterwards looks too much like he's covering up the area that was supposed to be hit so that we can't see it. How convenient that he brought his arms up like that so that the site of impact was completely covered up. 

 Let me put it this way: If you were going to fake a shooting scene, could you do it any better than that? The combination of Oswald's two arms and Leavelle's one arm (his left) are effectively covering up the whole area of impact. We don't see any disruption of him or his clothing. Nothing in the slightest. And that is just amazing for a man who got shot in the chest at close-range for us to be looking right at him and see nothing. Absolutely nothing.   

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