Sunday, May 22, 2016

We have another new senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign: Patricia Scott.

Tricia is a retired business accountant from the Northwest who now devotes much of her time to research, particularly of historical events and government cover-ups. And that led her, naturally, to the JFK assassination, which is certainly one of the biggest government cover-ups of all time. 

As an administrator of the very popular Dissenter/Disinter Facebook page, Tricia has been very supportive of me, always approving my submissions concerning Oswald's innocence. And, she has demonstrated, in her responses, a very thorough knowledge and understanding of the JFK assassination. 

The founder of the Dissenter/Disinter page, Stephen Erdmann, is also a senior member of the OIC. Stephen is recovering from surgery, at this time, and we wish him well. Tricia is doing a fine job running the group in his absence. I greatly appreciate the exposure and support she has given to me and the OIC, and I am delighted that she accepted my invitation to become a senior member. 

Tricia makes us 76, so we are growing. 

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