Monday, May 16, 2016

We don't hear much about Oswald's other police escort Detective L.C. Graves, who died in 1995. He did as much as Leavelle did. That is, he did as little as Leavelle did- to save Oswald. They say he got real aggressive with Ruby- but not until AFTER Ruby shot Oswald. Thanks a heap. Here's his obituary:

I say it isn't fair. Graves was just as useless, just as worthless at protecting Oswald as Leavelle was. So, why doesn't he get some of the credit and hero worship? 

Here's a picture of L.C. pointing to himself ignoring Ruby.  

Why didn't L.C. glance to his left? Did someone instruct him to just look straight ahead? They feared an attack, right? Isn't that why they brought in the armored truck? But, an attack couldn't come from his right. No one was going to come bursting out of the police building to attack Oswald. So, an attack wasn't going to come from that side.  It was going to come from the street side, which was to his left. So, why didn't Graves look to his left? How hard is it to turn your head? 

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