Monday, May 16, 2016

Backes is like a giant fly, buzzing around. And like a fly, he's easy enough to swat, but still an annoyance. 

Backes, in the immediate space they were in, there was no danger of an attack from their right because there was a wall there, and it was lined by cops and detectives in suits. Unless you think one of them was going to shoot Oswald, there was nothing to worry about. 

You see those guys there, Backes? Against the wall? They were, supposedly, good guys. So, there were no worries concerning them.

So there, on the right, is Ruby, and he's closing in. Still, there are no threats from the other side and none possible. 

And now Ruby is either firing or is a tiny fraction away from firing, and again, there is no chance of an attack from the other side. You've got men there; you've got a wall there. You'd have to go much farther down before that side could pose any risk.

But, I have a serious question, Backes: How did you get to be so stupid? Was it malnutrition in childhood? And do they actually pay you to work at that place? Because I'm thinking you'd have trouble taking out the trash. You're just so incompetent and harebrained, and I say that with all due apologies to hares. 

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