Saturday, May 28, 2016

I am very pleased to announce that we finally have a Russian from Russia, who lives in Russia, in the OIC. 

It has been my quest for a long time to get a Russian into our organization, and that's because Russia (the Soviet Union) was so deeply entrenched in the whole Oswald saga, with him going there and living there for nearly 3 years, and then, supposedly, him going to the Russian Embassy in Mexico City (he didn't) and then him supposedly writing the Russian Embassy in Washington D.C. shortly before the assassination (he didn't). So, they, the Russians, were dragged into this, and that's why it is important to me that they be involved in exposing the truth about the JFK assassination. It's a matter of justice.
The man who has agreed to join us is the one who made the video entitled Jack Ruby did not shoot Lee Harvey Oswald which is available on Youtube.

I got lucky. I contacted him through his Youtube channel, and he responded, and we have been corresponding ever since. 

As you might expect, Maksim Irkutsk is NOT his real name. It's the name he goes by on Youtube, and it's the name he'll go by with us. And the image I am posting of him on the OIC website is not really him either. He is really concerned about his safety. And it's not because he thinks Vladimir Putin and his people would go after him over this. It's just the opposite. He thinks that Putin's enemies in Russia, who have ties with the CIA, might go after him. So, he wants to play it safe and not reveal anything about his real identity. 

But, I know he exists because the video exists. And I do have his email address, and he has been corresponding with me. And, I respect his need for privacy. In fact, I know how he feels because I have feared for my life as well. Remember: a lot of people have been killed to suppress JFK truth. 

But, I am very pleased to have him in the OIC because of his Russian identity and because of our shared conviction that the short guy in that shooting scene was not the 5' 8 1/2" Jack Ruby. 

Here again is the link to his video. If you haven't watched it, you really should:

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