Tuesday, May 17, 2016

"There were reporters in front of them, obviously, that's where the NBC and CBS cameramen were.  And there were reporters on the right as well.  The idea that there were no reporters or newsmen on the right is just false."

Then name some reporters or newsmen who were on the right then, Backes. I'll tell you what: name one. 

"Ruby had no trouble with anyone getting into the basement, nor once there did Ruby have any trouble with anyone until after he shot Ruby.  There is no reason for anyone to suspect him or anything, or any reason for anyone to know he had a gun on him."

There was no reason for anyone to suspect him of anything? But, it was a state of high alert. They were so suspicious that somebody was going to attack Oswald that they were using an armored vehicle to transport him a short distance. If you listen to the radio coverage of the jail transfer, it was all about the concern the Dallas Police had that someone was going to try to kill Oswald.

And since they were so concerned, then why wouldn't they look around? Why wouldn't they treat it like a combat theater in war? 

Ruby presumably had the gun in his pocket, but at some point, he had to take it out and hold it in his hand. How many seconds was he holding the gun before he acted with it? I don't know. But, I know there were a lot of police there, who were concerned that Oswald could be attacked that way. So, is it unreasonable to expect them to actually look for someone with a gun? 

Look at the diagram again:

So, on the same side as the police guards, there were police cars and the armored car, and on the other side (the Main St. side) there were the newsmen and no police cars. So, I presume that, like Ruby, the newsmen got there by way of Main St., and it's the way any non-police person would have gotten there. 

Backes admits that Ruby got there from the Main St. side, yet he thinks it was just as likely that he would have perched himself right amid the police guards as he would the reporters. Wouldn't he stand out more among the police guards? Wouldn't he be more likely to be observed and focused on? 

Leavelle and Graves had other police on their right and reporters on their left. So, why wouldn't they look to their left?

And by the way, that short, chubby guy with the long hair in back was not Jack Ruby.


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