Friday, May 20, 2016

I'm pleased that quite a few people have showed a willingness to consider, with open mind, my conclusion that the real Jack Ruby was NOT the shooter. Of course, there have also been naysayers, but mostly the usual suspects, and most of them don't actually engage in any rational argument about it. But, there is something I could say to any of them that should give them pause to open their minds, and that is this: THERE IS NOT A SINGLE IMAGE OF RUBY THE SHOOTER THAT PROVIDES ENOUGH VISUAL INFORMATION TO IDENTIFY HIM WITH OUR OWN EYES.

You can't KNOW that that is Jack Ruby from looking at him. You only know it's him because THAT'S WHAT YOU'VE BEEN TOLD.

Again, you can't know it's him from looking. There is absolutely nothing there that enables you to cinch it. 

Those are the two most famous photos, and after that, it comes to looking at the footage. And, the weird thing is that after he shoots Oswald from an angle, he jumps in front of him; he gets his back to us. Why did he do that? He didn't shoot him again. He only shot him the once. So, why did he do it? I think it was because he wanted to make sure the camera didn't catch his face. He wanted to get his back to the camera.

Then, Leavelle grabs Ruby with his left hand; the scuffle begins, and Ruby disappears into a sea of men. He really gets low. He's not resisting. He's not struggling. It's hard to tell what they're all doing, but it looks like the main concern is to keep him out of sight. Then, at the 24 second mark in the CNN video, a man with a receding hairline, with the arrow pointing to him below, looks like he covers Ruby with something. 

Then, they manage to get Ruby out of the area and into the police building without giving us another glimpse of him. It's all cone without us seeing him. We never see him again. He literally disappears.

Then, at the end of the tape, we finally see the real Ruby.

I don't buy it. I think it's a bait and switch. And my conviction about it is just getting stronger. They just tried too damn hard to obscure him. Again: in the midst of it you NEVER get a clear shot of Ruby. You NEVER get to ID him with your own eyes. 

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