Sunday, May 22, 2016

This is an interview of Jack Ruby in which he says it was all a blur, that he couldn't remember anything from the time he reached the bottom of the ramp until the police officers had him on the ground.

So, according to Jack Ruby, he didn't go there to kill Oswald. He didn't have his gun on him to kill Oswald. He had his gun on him because he always carried it. 

"It happened in such a blur that before I knew it, I was down on the ground. Really, it happened so fast and everything else that I can't recall what happened from the time I came to the bottom of the ramp until the police officers had me on the ground."

He said he wasn't armed to kill Oswald. He said he always carried a gun because of altercations at his nightclub and because he often carried a large wad of cash.

He said he was out that morning sending a Western Union money transfer to an employee. Then after that: 

"The ironic thing is that if I had not made an illegal turn behind a bus in a parking lot, if I had continued on down Main Street the way I was supposed to go, I would never have met this fate."

So, Jack claimed that a) he had no intention of killing Oswald, and b) he had no intention of attending the prisoner transfer, and c) he had no memory of what he did; that he remembered getting to the bottom of the ramp and then being swarmed by police but nothing in-between. 

Doesn't that sound uncannily like Sirhan Sirhan, who can remember nothing about killing RFK? 

Below is the first clear sighting of Ruby in the video after the shooting. 

Presumably, Ruby got untidied and disheveled by the scuffle with police. But, he was wearing a jacket in the scuffle with police.

So, here is Ruby after the shooting. The big cop grabs him.

Then, he's being manhandled by these cops, and his hat comes off.

And then the guy in back with the receded hairline covers his head.

What is that guy doing? You can see his arm. Is he putting Ruby's hat back on him? Let's go back a few frames.

Is the guy in back blocking the view with his hand so that the other guy can cover Ruby? 

We never see the shooter again. Our next view of Ruby is this:

How did his shirt get so disheveled if he was wearing a jacket during the scuffle? I don't assume he unbuttoned his shirt like that, do you? Don't you think the idea is that he was rendered like that by the scuffle? But how, if he was wearing a jacket over the shirt? How did his jacket come off? Don't tell me it came off during the scuffle. That is not plausible. So, where is his jacket, how did it come off, and why was his shirt like that when there was a jacket covering it during the scuffle?  

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