Sunday, May 29, 2016

This is another version of the Oswald shooting, and I don't know which one it is, who took it.  But, it is amazing. Look at this frame which shows Ruby, Oswald, and Lavealle. Can you imagine that Leavelle claims that he jerked Oswald behind him before Ruby shot? That is so clearly a lie.

Leavelle didn't do anything until AFTER the shot was fired.

But, let's register on something: When police have to overpower an aggressive person, they do so BEFORE they try to move him anywhere. They first get control of him, which usually involves getting his hands behind his back and cuffing them. Once that's done, the struggle is usually over. They then stand him up and walk him away or take him to a squad car to be driven away- whichever. 

But, in this case, they actually dance him out of the area and into the building without ever stopping to cuff him. And that is so contrary to normal police procedure. You first neutralize and subdue the combative person, and decisively with handcuffs, and then you march him wherever he needs to go. But here, they skipped that step, and I'd like to know how. Who coordinated it? How did they know what they were doing? How did they work together so efficiently? Did someone give a vocal order to force him into the building as he was being restrained? Obviously not because we would have heard it. So, how did they all know what to do? And they all seem to know what to do. 

I should think that, by reflex alone, someone would have whipped out a pair of handcuffs and put them on Ruby. And once the cuffs were on him, then they would have stood him up, and most would have stepped aside to make room to escort him out of there, and we would have seen him. But that never happens here. Instead, it's like a magic trick where "Ruby" just disappears. He's just hidden in the swarm of cops, and then suddenly, before we know it, he's just gone; vanished; disappeared. 

Watch it here with that in mind. It just isn't normal. And the fact that it all happens non-verbally, with no one giving directions, means that it was all planned- ahead of time. The thing was scripted.  

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