Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Here's an astute comment from OIC senior member Lance Moore:

One of the biggest red flags re: the “sniper’s nest” is why the heck (if Oswald were really the shooter) would he not have shot JFK in the face BEFORE the limo turned?  Not only a clearer (no trees) shot, but the limo had to slow down at the curve/turn. Many have asked that question before me, but I have never heard a reasonable explanation for it (though our explanation is simple: they had selected the Grassy Knoll as the kill zone… who would wanna be stuck having to make it down six flights of stairs before even beginning to flee the scene!?)

The only explanation I could imagine is they might claim Oswald got delayed in getting into position (maybe got sidetracked by someone talking to him just before heading to the sixth floor).  But of course, they doesn’t work because supposedly he had already set up boxes as a makeshift tripod aimed in the other direction.  Have ya’ll ever heard any “establishment" answer to that obvious inconsistency?

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