Sunday, May 29, 2016

All should listen to the unedited version of the Midnight Press Conference. As with so many other things, it's the edited version that is usually shown. And it's ridiculous, because Oswald only spoke for a minute, so why is there a need to edit it (as in shorten it, cut out parts of it) at all? 

In the standard version, we hear Oswald ask for someone to come forward to give him legal assistance, but prior to that, in the full version, he twice complained about not being given legal representation. 

So, that's 3X in one minute that Oswald complained about not having a lawyer.  And 2 of those times are typically cut out.

So, what does it mean? What it's telling me is that the whole idea that Oswald REFUSED all legal assistance waiting upon John Abt must be a flat-out lie. For all we know, he didn't bring up John Abt at all; it might be completely invented. But, the other possibility is that he just mentioned Abt- in passing. But, there is no reason to think that he was unwilling to accept help from a Texas attorney. 

We need to go by what Oswald said- not by what others said he said. And we can listen to him here pleading for legal assistance- not for one man in particular but for legal assistance in general. And he does it 3X in one minute. It starts at 2:35.  

3X in one minute, he passionately implored for legal assistance. So, why should we believe their lie that he turned it down? 

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