Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Let's compare the Beers photo with the Jackson photo. The Beers photo was taken about half a second before. 

What I am interested in is the movement of Oswald's arms between the two. 

So, he went from this:

to this, in a half a second:

He did that muscular action AFTER being shot in the abdomen, where the bullet ripped through his aorta and his vena cava. 

So, he flexed his forearm, bringing his hand up to his chest, and against the resistance of Graves, who was holding his upper arm. 

Now, at the same time, he thrust his right arm outward and upward, against the resistance of Leavelle, who was handcuffed to him. Leavelle, reportedly, had his hand clenched over Oswald's waistband. But, how could Leavelle's hand remain where it was? 

Leavelle's hand was tied to Oswald's. Oswald moved his hand. At first, his right hand was down and pressed against himself. Then it was up and jutted out from himself. So, how could Levealle's hand remain where it was? 

First, why does the cuff appear to be around Oswald's hand? I know they are called handcuffs, but they're really wristcuffs. But second, if that's supposed to be real, how could Leavelle's hand remain stationary through it all? He's got his fingers inside Oswald's pants, and they don't move even though Oswald has moved? Doesn't it seem as though Oswald should have taken Leavelle's hand with him? How could Leavelle's hand be in the same place before as it was after?

Look at it again:

Oswald did all that muscular activity AFTER being shot in the abdomen and having his major blood vessels severed?  

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