Thursday, May 26, 2016

This image of Oswald from below shows us the condition of his hair. He parted it on the left and combed it over, but there was also a natural part on the right.

Do you see it there faintly? It's faint, but there appears to be a slight natural part on the his right, which is our left. You can also see it in the profile mug shot.

Do you, or do you not, see the slight part there? Here's another view of it.

That's the most pronounced of all. And one more:

So, his hair tended to do that. Here's one more, just to be sure.

The above image came from Mark Lane. I don't say he took it. I'm sure it's a press photo. But, he spotted it and saved it. So, Oswald's hair definitely tended to do that. Now, let's look at Doorman.

Yes, there does seem to be a slight, natural part there on his right side, our left, just like that seen on Oswald.

So, did Lovelady have it too? Not that we can tell.

As I've said, the only absolutely reliable image of Lovelady that we know we can count on is the one taken by Mark Lane:

There doesn't seem to be the slightest tendency of Lovelady's hair to do that. 

Now, look at this collage, which I call the Mark Lane collage: 

That match is amazing. And notice how well the shirt patterns match too. You can see the fine, grainy pattern of Oswald's shirt on the left, and you can also see the slight grainy contrast on the right. That particular image of Doorman is from the HSCA, and I didn't do anything to it. Those are remarkably the same. This may now be the go-to collage, meaning that if you were going to brandish just one of Oswald and Doorman, this one should be it. I'll be sure to get it up on the OIC website.  

I still think they doctored Oswald's hairline on the right. Here's a very subtle difference. On the right he's got central recession, but on the left he doesn't. 

That is a subtle difference, granted, but it's there. Doorman has central recession while Oswald does not. But, the idea that Oswald and Lovelady had the same hair except for that is preposterous. I am still taken with how identical these two hairlines are:

That is spot-on identical, and it's no accident, including the central recession. The image of Lovelady is from the 1950s. The HSCA pegged it as 1959, but they didn't substantiate it. Based on how young he looks there, I think it's more like 1957.  It's preposterous to think that 1963 Oswald could match him so well, and it is just as preposterous to think that 1963 Lovelady could match him so well- considering that Lovelady was a rapidly balding young man. So, I definitely think they monkeyed with these two images to create the uncanny match. But, it may have been a subtle process considering what they started with: 

 Note that the image of Oswald on the left, like this image of Lovelady below:

came from Mark Lane, the great and incomparable Mark Lane. 

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