Thursday, May 19, 2016

David Von Pein 
2:28 PM (10 minutes ago)

Where is Leavelle's left hand here?....

I think you're right about Leavelle not "jerking" on Oswald until AFTER
the shooting took place. It all happened too fast for Leavelle to have had
time to do any pulling or jerking on Oswald PRIOR to the shot being fired.
But Leavelle definitely DID have his left hand on the waist of Oswald's

Ralph Cinque:

Leavelle said the following, that:

a) he saw Ruby in advance
b) he recognized him
c) he saw his gun
d) he knew exactly what Ruby was going to do, and
e) he responded by jerking Oswald back behind him, which resulted in Ruby shooting Oswald off-center.

So now, you're taking to rewriting witness testimonies, are you? You think you have the right to do that, do you? 

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