Monday, May 23, 2016

I found images of Leavelle and Oswald from the back, so that you can see what they're doing. And Leavelle certainly does not have his hand tucked in Oswald's pants. On the contrary, Leavelle has got his elbow bent, which means that his forearm was going parallel with the ground and nowhere near Oswald's waistband.


They are well out into the garage there, and Leavelle's elbow is still bent.

So, at what point in time did Levealle put his hand in Oswald's pants?

I maintain that that photo was altered, and so they back-wrote the story to comply with it. It is preposterous to think that Levealle would actually do that. 

Does this look credible to you? It doesn't look credible to me. 

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