Tuesday, May 31, 2016

See the boxes stored. See the boxes stored without string. Those boxes were shipped to the TSBD without string, and therefore, they could be shipped from the TSBD without string.

Small packages of just a few books were being wrapped in brown paper, taped, and strung with string. But, if they were shipping to schools throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, New Mexico and Lousiana, as claimed, then most of the orders should have been large. That means shipping whole boxes of books. But, that wasn't mentioned by Troy West as anything he did. And the way the "order-fillers" did their work has never been described as retrieving whole boxes of books.  

So, what was going on here? And I mean with these small orders of books, which is apparently all they were. Were schools, which needed books for classes of students, really placing such small orders? I'm starting to wonder if these small orders were samples. Maybe they ran ads offering free samples. Maybe they had people on the phone calling schools offering free samples. Still, at some point, you would think that some schools would have decided to go with a certain reader for its students and place a large order. I have an idea to find out about this. 

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