Friday, May 27, 2016

Former police officer Gil Jesus agrees with me about Carolyn Arnold, that she saw Oswald at the doorway at 12:25. He was still inside at the time, at the glass, and remember that the whole wall, including the door, was clear glass. But, all he had left to do was go through the door to the doorway. 

Gil accuses the FBI agent Robert Emberling of changing the time from 12:25 to 12:15 in her original statement. He did that in order to leave Oswald enough time to get up to the 6th floor. 

But think about it: he had to get up there; retrieve the rifle from wherever he hid it, assemble it using a dime as a screwdriver (reportedly), then set up the Sniper's Nest, moving whatever number of boxes he had to move. So, how could he have done all that in 15 minutes? And then when you add the fact that Bonnie Ray Williams was up there eating friend chicken and enjoying a Dr. Pepper, and he stayed there until he heard his friends James Jarman and Harold Norman arrive on the 5th floor below him, which was no more than a few minutes before the motorcade arrived, it makes it impossible for Oswald to have done all that he needed to do in order to be prepared to shoot Kennedy.   

So, Emberling's lie actually did him no good. 

But, Gil Jesus knows that it was supposed to be 12:25 not 12:15, and he says this:

So if Carolyn Arnold left the building at 12:25 pm to watch the parade and while she was standing outside the building she saw Lee Harvey Oswald on the first floor "standing between the front door and the double doors leading to the warehouse", he could not have been the killer of President Kennedy.

It also means that the FBI lied in its report regarding the time which she claimed to have seen him. They had reason to. They needed Oswald in that sixth floor window at 12:25. To have a witness who put him someplace else would destroy their case against him. So they changed the timeframe to reflect "a few minutes before 12:15" rather than a few minutes after 12:25, in order to get Oswald in the window at the time of the shooting.

BTW, Ms. Arnold was never called as a witness by the Warren Commission.

Even if Arnold had seen Oswald on the first floor "a few minutes before 12:15" as the FBI had said, he would not have had enough time to ascend to the sixth floor, assemble the rifle and arrange the boxes in order to be in the window in time. 

Gil also points to this affidavit by James Jarman which proves that Oswald did NOT know that the motorcade would be passing the building. He asked Jarman why people were gathering on the sidewalk outside. 

Oswald accusers claim that he was creating an "ignorance alibi" for himself, but that is ridiculous. First, criminals often try to create false alibis for themselves, but it involves saying they were somewhere else at the time of the crime. It's a location alibi, not an ignorance alibi. It's foolish to think that Oswald would have thought of doing the latter. And, if they are right, then why didn't he use his ignorance alibi? Oswald did mention Jarman as someone who was around when he was eating lunch in the domino room shortly after they broke for lunch. But, he didn't say anything about having asked Jarman why people were gathering. So, why didn't Oswald tell police, "Hey, I didn't even know that the President was going to be passing the building. Just ask James Jarman because we discussed it."    

So, if Oswald created this "ignorance alibi" for himself, why didn't he use it? 

He didn't create any ignorance alibi. He asked Jarman why people were gathering out front because he didn't know. He did not know the President was going to be riding by that building that day. 

And Jarman didn't know either- until shortly before his conversation with Oswald. Somebody else told him. Frazier didn't know either. They all found out that very morning. 

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