Friday, May 20, 2016

I am ecstatic! Jim Marrs has just contacted me to say that he is ready: to be included as a senior member of the Oswald Innocence Campaign.

Howdy Ralph,

As you know, I have always felt that Oswald was the man in the doorway, but as a journalist attempting to be objective, I did not want to put myself in the midst of a controversy and be accused of taking a side.

However, I now feel the evidence that has continued to pile up regarding Oswald's innocence (and the Altgens photo is merely one aspect of this) has reached the point that it is more than compelling; it's overwhelming.

Oswald was innocent, and he was in the doorway. 

You might want to add this statement of mine:

"In the 1970s, I spent many hours with Lee's mother, Marguerite, who repeatedly brought my attention back to the Altgens photograph. She continually asserted that the man in the door way was her son --- Lee Harvey Oswald."

Best regards,

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