Thursday, May 12, 2016

The following on Rafael Cruz is from Jerome Corsi of 

On his blog, Madsen wrote that Cruz, “the son of an employee of the U.S. intelligence-linked RCA Corporation,” left Cuba in 1957 for the Austin, Texas, where he enrolled at the University of Texas.
“This is a strange story since he claimed he left Cuba with only $100, which he said was sewn into his underwear,” Madsen wrote. “Cruz eventually gained U.S. permanent residency and a degree in mathematics from the University of Texas. In 1959, Cruz married Julia Ann Garza and, after Cruz graduated from the University of Texas in 1961, the couple moved to New Orleans from Dallas after the birth of their second daughter on November 18, 1962.”
Madsen said Cruz worked for an oil company in New Orleans and has been “less than forthcoming about the details of his time in New Orleans and the time line that included his move from Dallas.”
In his follow-up article in April, Madsen noted that Rafael Cruz’s draft registration form listed his employer on July 26, 1967, as the Geophysics & Computer Service Inc., a French-based company linked to the large Schlumberger oil conglomerate, which “had been active with the CIA.”
“Moreover, Jean de Menil, the son-in-law of Schlumberger founder Conrad Schlumberger, was a key figure in Permindex, the New Orleans-based CIA front headed up by Clay Shaw that was a key target of (Jim) Garrison’s investigation of the New Orleans connection to JFK’s assassination in Dallas.”
Madsen said he is preparing to publish research on documents at the National Archives proving Garrison was trying to find information on three individuals believed to be in Calgary, one of whom Madsen believes may have been Rafael Cruz.

So, in 1967, Cruz was employed by Geocom, a company with CIA connections. He put down that he was six feet tall on his draft registration form, which apparently was a lie. But, who did he work for until 1967? All we've heard is that he washed dishes for 50 cents an hour to get through college at UT. He presumably graduated in 1961 (could we please see his diploma?) with a family of wife and child, so what was the source of his income from 1961 to 1967? Who was he employed by in Dallas the nearly two years he lived there before moving to New Orleans?  

This is a new collage using a photo from TIME magazine. Again, I am astonished by the perfection of the match. 

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