Sunday, December 6, 2015

David Emerling 

7:21 PM (2 hours ago)

At some point in time, in any protracted debate about the Kennedy
assassination, invariably, the conspiracy theorist is going to mention how
the majority of people (as indicated by polls) believe that a conspiracy
was involved. They use this as a building block to support their position.
It's their way of saying, "Most people agree with ME - therefore, the
probability that I'M correct is greater than the probability that YOU are
correct. Most people agree with ME!"

I'll bet there is not a single conspiracy theorist in this discussion
group who has not, at one time or another, made this argument; if not
directly, at least, indirectly. The irony, of course, is that the CTs
accuse the LNs of being naive, mindless sheep who blindly believe what
they are told by the Warren Commission when, in fact, the LNs are in the
minority. The majority of literature, by far, is conspiracy oriented. It
is the CTs who are in the majority. An argument can be made that it is
THEY who are the "sheep" and are the ones who are blindly following the

There is a thing called Godwin's Law - which states: "As an online
discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis
or Hitler approaches 1". I think the same can be said about references to
polls in the Kennedy assassination debate. Sooner or later, the CT is
going to raise the point that polls consistently indicate that the
majority of Americans believe in "some kind" of conspiracy. They do not
seem very concerned that there is no consensus on the nature of this
conspiracy, however.

Why am I writing this? I'm watching a Sunday morning news program and the
discussion is about Donald Trump as a presidential candidate and how he
has been defying all predictions of his dropping in the polls. But quite
the opposite is happening! Polls are consistently showing Donald Trump as
the Republican front runner.

The average American is not a very sophisticated individual. Donald Trump
is clearly unqualified to be President of the United States. He says
things that are patently wrong - PROVABLY wrong! He is arrogant and
childish. He has neither the temperament, maturity, polish nor
statesmanship skills to serve as president. Any intelligent person can
readily see that. And yet, obviously, a significant number of Americans
cannot see that.

One characteristic of the not-so-intelligent segment of America is that
they feel victimized. They feel like they are being held down. They are
naturally distrustful. They do not trust the government. They do not trust
the media. They do not trust Wall Street. They do not trust big business.
They do not trust foreigners. That is their default view of the world.
It's a naturally cynical and paranoid worldview. Trump resonates with
these people. And there are a lot of them!

Sound familiar?

Now, I'm not saying that a CT would necessarily be a Trump supporter.
That's not my point. My point is that whenever you take a poll of the
general public, it is always going to be contaminated by a large segment
that does not have enough command of the issue to make an intelligent
assessment. Instead, they have a much more visceral, emotional and
knee-jerk view. It doesn't come from their brain - it comes from their

The fact that Donald Trump is doing so well in the polls is an indicator
that this irrational group of Americans are actually a very significant
group. The average American is not very politically astute and responds
much more to sound bites than logic.

And THIS is why polls indicate that the majority of Americans believe
"some kind" of conspiracy was involved in the Kennedy assassination. They
are not equipped to know any better yet they DID have time to go to the
theater and watch Oliver Stone's JFK.

David Emerling
Memphis, TN 

Ralph Cinque:

What difference does it make, Emerling, when the polls are all rubbish anyway? They NEVER conduct polls asking people if they think Oswald was guilty or innocent. What they do is ask whether the person thinks Oswald acted alone or acted within a conspiracy. Either way: he acted to kill Kennedy, and that's the take-home message.  

In other words: take your pick between government story #1 (WC) or government story #2 (HSCA).

And, we have no idea what the pollsters are instructed to do if the subject responds by saying: 

"Neither. Oswald didn't act alone, and he didn't act within a conspiracy. He was a patsy, framed and innocent." 

What happens to those who respond like that or similar to that? Are their votes simply discarded? They don't even tell us.

So, Emerling, don't bring up polls because polls are a propaganda instrument of YOUR side of the debate. They are part of the manipulation and mind control; the Orwellian mind control.   

You say Americans are "not-so-intelligent"? Sounds like a polite term for "stupid." Well, the JFK polls are conducted with the hope that they are stupid enough not to realize that they are being had.  

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