Sunday, December 6, 2015

Michael Capasse is back! 

Michael has been an OIC member for a long time, but I had lost his email address, so we fell out of touch. But, I ran into him recently on JFK Assassination Forum, and now I have his address recorded in my ledger, never to be lost again. 

And, I was pleased to find out that Michael has made a Power Point Presentation on Oswald in the doorway, and I am going to post some of the frames here, starting with the one below. It hones in on Charles Givens, who said that he saw Oswald in the domino room at 11:50. That's 11:50 AM! That was 40 minutes before the motorcade. Don't you think Oswald took out his cheese sandwich and apple and ate it? 

We know for a fact that he had nothing for breakfast that morning except perhaps coffee (Ruth Paine). So, if he was in there by 11:50, I'd say that in all probability he was eating before noon. How long does it take to eat a cheese sandwich and an apple? All claims that Oswald waited until 12:30 and skipped the motorcade in order to eat are rendered null and void by this.  

The above display hones in on the fact that the notes in yellow were indeed chronological. Oswald went to the 1st floor and had lunch, and then he went out in front (where Bill Shelley was) and watched the motorcade. Fritz denied taking the notes during the interrogation, but he did, and Oswald referred to him doing it. 

This one showcases the FBI statement that Lovelady wore a red and white striped shirt (short-sleeved). You see it on the far left. Next to him is the phony image of Gorilla Lovelady (who is weirdly configured with the woman in curlers; they are like an Escher's cube. Who is in front of whom?) and then there is the excellent match of Oswald and Doorman on the right.

The above statement by Carolyn Arnold is extremely important. She saw Oswald between the double doors (which means at the doorway) shortly before the motorcade arrived. And remember: the wording was not hers; it was the FBI agent's. So, the hemming and hawing and even the designated times may have been his idea- not hers. In March 1964, she admitted not getting outside until 12:25. So, if she saw Oswald after that, it was scant minutes before the motorcade. There he was at the doorway.

Take your pick: Who makes a better match- in the man and the clothing-to Doorman? Oswald or Supposed Lovelady? (I call him Supposed Lovelady because that guy wasn't really Lovelady. He was just an impostor they stuck into the film to sell the idea that Lovelady wore a long-sleeved plaid shirt, which he didn't.)

This is cute, and I know what drove the questioning. It was this image below:

It sure looks like he's got a full beard there, doesn't it?  But, Lovelady said he shaved the night before. Obviously, it is a highly altered image, artificially colored. They even got red on his neck and ear. They splattered the paint around worse than I do, and that's pretty bad. I call him Psychedelic Lovelady.

That is a great image-overlay of Oswald and Doorman, using a different approach than Larry Rivera took. Both are very impressive. 

I think of the above as a gag post. Lovelady said in 1964 that he was standing "on your top level". But then, when he poses in the doorway for Robert Jackson in 1971, he stands on step 3? What's up with that? 

And this is a very good post concerning the Warren Commission testimony of Dallas Postal Inspector Harry Holmes. It establishes that Baker first saw Oswald in the vestibule, which was the little ante-room before the lunchroom. The purpose of that little room was to provide three doors: on from the office area to the lunch room; one from the stairwell on the other side to the lunch room; and one into the lunch room itself. In other words, it was just a passageway; that's all. Through the glass window of the door that led from the stairwell, Baker saw Oswald coming through the door which led from the offices. Then, Oswald walked through the propped-open door to the lunch room itself, and he was well inside it by the time Baker got there. But, the point is: the fact that Oswald came from the direction that he did proves that he used the front stairs, which only went to the 2nd floor. Oswald did not use the back stairs that Baker used. Likewise, he did not use the back stairs that Victoria Adams used. He used the other stairs, the front stairs, and there was no connection between those stairs and the 6th floor. They only went for one flight: from floor 1 to floor 2. This proves, beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt that Oswald went UP to get to the 2nd floor lunch. He did not go down. There is simply NO WAY that he went to the lunch room from the sixth floor. He went to the lunch room from the first floor- from the doorway to be exact.

Thank you, Michael! You did outstanding work. I am going to send it around to the OIC members. Welcome back!   

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