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I should have done this a long time ago. This image of Billy Lovelady by Mark Lane is the ONLY reliable one we have of him from the time of the assassination. The others either weren't him at all, such as all of these impostors who were put into films:

Or, it was him, but the photo was subjected to FBI alteration in order to deliver the most persuasive result possible:
Why are there two different versions? I don't know, so don't ask me. And it's very disturbing that both versions exist. Which one got sent to the Warren Commission? Again, I don't know. And unfortunately, you couldn't trust anything they told you or showed you today. So, I don't know if the "hard" (left) or "soft" (right) Lovelady got sent to the Warren Commission along with Hoover's letter. 

But, getting back to the Mark Lane photo of Lovelady:

There is some controversy about when it was taken. It was definitely taken in winter because he's wearing a winter coat. And it was published in Rush to Judgment which was published in 1966. But, this a major book, and they always become available earlier than announced. That's because there is a pre-publication distribution: to newspapers, book clubs, famous reviewers, etc. so that they can read it and inform the public about it. So, if it was made available to the public in 1966, it had to have been finished in 1965.  So, that means that it was taken either in the winter of 1964 or 1965. 

I don't know which it was, but I think it was more likely 1964, and here's why: That is when all the stirring was going on about the Doorway Man. That was when newspapers and magazines, from around the country, from as far away as New York and San Franciso, were sending reporters to Dallas to try to capture a picture of Lovelady, and the Dallas Police and FBI were fighting it hard, making all the trouble that they could for those reporters and photographers. 

So, that's why I think it was more likely 1964, but if I'm wrong and it was 1965, I don't think it matters much. It's still close enough because the winter of 1965 was only one year and a few months after the assassination.    

So, it is the only reliable image we have of Lovelady- the only one that we're sure wasn't altered in any way- and that's why it is the one that we should compare to Doorman. 

 So, let's see what we have here. Of course, in this case, the clothes are completely irrelevant and cannot be compared. It's just the men.

Well, the hairlines certainly don't match. I have said many times that Doorman has the hairline of YOUNG Lovelady from the 1950s, not the Lovelady from the time of the assassination, when Lovelady had lost a lot more hair. So, we are seeing that above. 

The ears do not match because Lovelady's were larger and stuck out more. And that is clinched:

That must have been an extremely cold day for Dallas because he's got his coat buttoned up to the top and he's got the collar turned up as a windbreaker. 

Another big difference is the size and build. Doorman gives us the impression of being a rather slender man, but Lovelady, on the right looks stocky. It looks pretty immense.

If we were going to estimate their weight, we would certainly assign a higher weight to the man on the right. We know for a fact that there was a 40 pound weight difference between Oswald and Lovelady, and Oswald was taller by one inch.

Lovelady had a longer, more pointed chin.

On the right, Lovelady had a beard growing, and you have to ignore that. His chin was longer, and it had more of a cone shape. 

What's interesting is that their foreheads match very well, and that's because it is the same forehead. They moved the forehead over when they installed the "cap" of Young Lovelady on Doorman. I assume that the alterers did not realize that Lovelady had lost a lot of hair on top since that earlier photo of him was taken.

And finally, from this core image, because Lovelady is looking down, there isn't too much we can draw. But, there is one thing.

Do you see that big shadow on the left below Oswald's nostril? That is indicative of the length of his nostril. Oswald had big, flaring nostrils. On the right, Lovelady is looking down, and we can'tsee any nostril at all. However, the look of that tells us that his nostrils were small in comparison. They were much smaller.

So, that is all I would try to extrapolate from the Mark Lovelady photo of Billy Lovelady in comparison to Doorman. Lovelady was looking down, and that limits what we can do. But, remember how many disconnects it takes to rule someone out: ONE. That's it. If there is one disconnect, where one guy's feature is x and the other guy's feature is y, then they are not the same guy. And we have several visual disconnects here. So, the Mark Lane image of Lovelady proves that he was not Doorman. But, with Oswald, the only disconnect between him and Doorman is the hairline, and that's because they altered Doorman's hairline.

And once you scalp both of them, then the match is spot-on perfect.

Bingo. That is Lee Harvey Oswald standing in the doorway during the murder of President Kennedy. 

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