Saturday, December 5, 2015

The conversation has drifted to whether the Oswald of fame was really an "intelligence agent" with all that that term implies.

A Jack Bone tried to argue that he was, and this was my reply, which includes his points. Keep in mind: I am really just trying to find out if the Oswald of fame was really an intelligence agent and if so to what extent. But, I am playing the devil's advocate to those who extrapolate that he was based on shaky assumptions. 

I shall respond to each of Jack Bone's points:

"Russian Intelligence said Oswald was in constant contact with the US Embassy. He never ever defected. The whole thing was a scam."

Lots of Americans in foreign lands stay in close contact with the US Embassy. What information was he giving them of intelligence value? And if he was giving them such information, why didn't they pay his way back home and compensate him further? Was he an intelligence agent who worked for free?

"He got lent and paid back the money because he was under deep cover."

But, once he got back here, why did they make him pay it back? Didn't they owe him?  

"His relationship with De Morenschildt. His giving a number of his intelligence handlers telephone number when being questioned."

I know DeMo was assigned to handle him and monitor him. But, wasn't it pretty much right away when he got back that he was picked to be the patsy? So, I realize they had a keen interest in watching him. But, how does that make him an intelligence agent? 

"The ability for a defector who threatened to give out U2 details to the Russians coming back to the USA and working for a company developing U2 Photographs."

I agree that it is very strange that Oswald nearly defected and was then welcomed back without consequences. It's very weird. And John Armstrong points out that when Oswald went to Russia, there was an article about him having defected in the Ft. Worth paper, but the image published wasn't him. It was another impostor. So, it is very strange. I don' t deny that they were using him throughout. But, was he really considered an agent? A real agent? A bona fide agent? Again: he wasn't paid, so how could he be?  

"The fact Marina was the niece of a KGB Colonel. The fact she knew Webster as well as Oswald and even confused their background when discussing how she met Oswald in Russia."

Yeah, I know about that and John Armstrong puts a lot of stock in it with the idea that Marina was a KGB agent. But, I gotta tell you I have my doubts. If Marina was really a KGB agent, then why did she melt in front of the Warren Commission? She said all the things they wanted her to say. Why would the KGB want to cooperate with the framing of Oswald? And if they were threatening her with deportation, why should she care if she was really a KGB agent who loved Mother Russia? Besides, I know that attractive KGB agents will sleep with American spies as part of their mission- I have seen enough James Bond movies. But, bear their children? That's pushing it, don't you think?  

"The admission by ex agents over the years regarding Oswald's status and project Oswald."

I know about Project Oswald because John Armstrong refers to it, and I accept it. However, was it really about making Oswald an agent? Maybe he was more of a mark. Maybe he was a patsy even then. I know he was a pawn of theirs, but was he ever a respected intelligence agent?  

"The whole Mexico city thing."

Oswald didn't go to Mexico City. Mark Lane will tell you that; John Armstrong will tell you that, and I will tell you that. And Oswald told you that.  

David Phillips comments.
Helms' comments.

Be specific.

"His obvious sheepdipping."

Yes, he was sheepdipped. He had to know he wasn't really Lee Harvey Oswald, that the short dumpy and wacky Marguerite of fame was not his biological mother and Robert was not his brother. But still, does it make him an agent? How was he described and considered within the Agency while all this was going on? 

"His learning Russian in the marines "

There is no evidence that he did learn Russian in the Marines or had the means to. There is no evidence that they taught him Russian. The official story is that he taught himself Russian with a dictionary and newspapers. That, of course, is absurd. I accept John Armstrong's claim that he was a native Russian speaker. 

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