Sunday, December 6, 2015

Incredibly, Boz, from McAdams' forum, put this up as if it's good for him. It's from the HSCA Final Report:

Why is that good for Boz? Groden said that Doorway Man bears a "striking" resemblance to Oswald- not that he ever showed us in his comparison study. Then, he said that Lovelady bore a "very very strong" resemblance to Oswald. I guess "very very strong" is supposed to trump "striking." But regardless, we don't have to depend on Robert Groden's adjectives. We can compare Oswald and Lovelady ourselves. 

They bear neither a striking resemblance nor a strong resemblance. So, Robert Groden was and is completely full of shit, and I suspect he is an OP who has been working for the other side all along. In the 1970s, he literally worked for the HSCA.

Then, this supposed Oswald defender Groden glibly put stock in what the FBI said, that they established it was Lovelady.

The only thing established by this is that Robert Groden was and is a traitor to the JFK truth movement. And why did the HSCA use an image of Lovelady from the 1950s in which he obviously looked much younger than he did in 1963? We know why, don't we? It was something he had, a certain thing that was used and given to Doorman: his hairline. 

That's why they liked that picture so much: the matching hairlines, as if Lovelady's hair remained stable for 6 years when he was a rapidly balding young man. 

Keep it up, Boz. You're not hurting me. 

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