Sunday, December 6, 2015

A well-intentioned person needs help understanding why Oswald really did ride the bus and cab. There are multiple and overlapping reasons why it has to be true: 

1. Oswald said he did. It's in the Fritz Notes, so Oswald definitely said it. Remember, Fritz died without ever revealing the existence of those notes. So, why would he make stuff up? For whom? For what purpose? Oswald must have said it.

2. So, why would Oswald lie about it? To protect others? To protect the intelligence agencies he was working for? He was being accused of double murder! He was telling police that he was innocent, but if he lied to them about a non-crime, wouldn't they think he was lying about the crime? And if it was their plan all along to say that he rode the bus and cab, how did Oswald also come up with it? Was he in on the plot to frame himself?

3. The bus transfer ticket was entered into evidence at 4 PM. If the story was concocted, they never would have introduced phony physical evidence. That's because phony physical evidence cannot be taken back. If something or someone surfaced later which proved that Oswald did something else and was somewhere else, that bus transfer ticket, which they claimed to get from Oswald's shirt, would still be there. But, if they just flapped their lips, they could just say that they were wrong. No harm; no foul. Why commit yourself irreversibly to the phony story with phony evidence which you can't take back, and especially why do it so early? 

4. If you were going to write a phony story, why make it so complicated? Most people know that simple lies are easier to tell and sustain than complicated lies. You keep it simple. How could anyone have thought of such a bizarre story of Oswald walking 7 blocks, riding a bus for 2 blocks going back the same direction from which he came, then getting off and walking several more blocks; then taking a cab but having the cabbie drive past his house at 1026 Beckley to the 500 block? Who could make up all that? I know it's bizarre that he actually did it, but it's even more bizarre for someone to have made it up- to have written it as a script. Who specifically could have written it? Henry Wade? He didn't even get to City Hall until 6 PM and the transfer ticket was entered into evidence at 4. So what, did he call it in?    

5. A cardinal element of the story was that Oswald was a "lone nut." So, how could he be a lone nut if he had a getaway driver? Obviously, that wasn't the story they wanted to tell. So, if it looked better for him to use public transportation, then why not just let him? What was the harm? Why give him a lift and then have to lie and say he took a bus and cab?

6. The conspiracy to frame Oswald for riding the bus and cab would have been just as big and complicated as the conspiracy to frame him for the assassination. So, why go down that road when they didn't have to, when they could just let him do it?

7. There definitely was a Nash Rambler, and a guy who looked like Oswald definitely got in it, but why does it have to be Oswald? Why couldn't it be an Oswald double? 

8. The story of how Oswald supposedly confirmed getting into the station wagon is extremely murky and told by just one guy, Roger Craig. It depends on a lot of "deciphering" of what Oswald said and what he meant by it, and all according to the recollections of just one guy, Roger Craig. So, it was "hearsay" to begin with, and it was very elusive, arcane hearsay at that.

9. According to multiple reports, Oswald claimed to ride the bus on Friday, and then he added the part about the cab ride on Saturday. But supposedly, between the two, he denied all that and claimed to be driven out of Dealey Plaza in a station wagon. What, was he on LSD? 

10. The witnesses to the bus and cab rides were not "crisis actors" like we have today. They were just regular people. Cecil McWatters really was a bus driver. William Whaley really was a cab driver. They weren't actors. They could not possibly have been dragged into the conspiracy. How could they possibly be trusted to keep the secret? 

Finally, do you think the public transportation story has problems? Well, what about the other story, which has even more problems and a lot more holes? Who could possibly have come to pick Oswald up? He had no friends. No friends, no friends, no friends, no friends, no friends. How many times do I have to say it? So, that just leaves the conspirators. But, why would they send a car and driver for their "lone nut assassin" and why would they risk something happening, such as: a flat tire, a traffic accident, a cop pulling them over, a mechanical breakdown. If it would look better to have Oswald use public transportation, why not let him? 

Oswald rode the bus and cab, and it pains me to see people who are well-intentioned not see it. 

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