Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The blatant corruption of those fighting me is both obvious and chilling, and nothing is more chilling than their attack of my images. 

It's important to remember that this is a toggle situation. Of all persons on Earth, there were only two whom Doorman could be. Hence, if it wasn't one, it had to be the other, either Oswald or Lovelady.

Therefore, anyone challenging a Doorman collage with Oswald has the logical imperative of providing one with Lovelady that matches better. Remember: it is a choice among 2. 

But, they don't do that. They never do that. And it's because they can't do it. The plain truth, which even they know, is that the images of Oswald, in both the man and the clothing, match much better to Doorman than any images of Lovelady. And, the laughable fact is: the images of Lovelady don't even match to each other.

For instance, take this collage. Is not the matching of the clothes obvious? Are we to assume that Oswald and Lovelady not only looked alike but dressed the same way that day?  Is not the matching of the shape of the face obvious? Did Oswald and Lovelady really look this much alike? Do you realize that there is no record of anyone at the TSBD ever claiming that Oswald and Lovelady looked alike prior to 11/22/63? There is a story that Mrs. Lovelady showed up there one day and saw Oswald from behind and called to him as her husband, but isn't it obvious that it's a concocted lie? From behind, Oswald and Lovelady didn't look anything alike; Oswald was skinny, while Lovelady was stocky. She slept with Lovelady. Didn't she know his body type? That lie is preposterous on its face. 

The other thing I like about this collage is that it shows Oswald's shirt the way it looked mottled in the sun. You see the contrast. You see the light and dark. And that is what we are seeing on Doorman's shirt. 

And, as I've said, the other thing I like about this is the look of the eyes, the way the eyes are honed; it is the same on both, including the prominence of the brow bone above and the cheek bone below. "Honed" is the right word because it's a real focused stare. Lovelady had a much more blank expression.

Lovelady didn't pinch his eyes the way Oswald did. And he had all that space between his eyes and his eye brows, unlike Oswald and Doorman.

So, this collage below is indeed powerful, and that is why it is featured on the home page of the OIC website.

And as far as criticisms, there are none. The image on the right was cropped to get the enlargement of the face. And the image on the left was tinted, but not by me. And the purpose of using the tinted image is simply that it looks better artistically. It stands out more. It is more eye-catching. It is more eye-appealing. And that is why it sits atop our home page. 


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