Monday, November 30, 2015

I am having fun playing around with this Google Street View. Here's Elm Street from south side. Look familiar?

One thing is absolutely crystal: if Mary Moorman took her photo the way she said she did, which is, just facing Elm Street directly and shooting squarely; not turning and facing it at a diagonal, that she would have picked up the slope of the road, and because of it, the front part of the car would be lower than the back of the car, just as you see above.

Notice that the line of the car is not parallel with the bottom of the picture. The bottom of the picture is, of course, horizontal, but the slope of the car matches the slope of the road, and it is a downward slope to our left.

But, what about the Moorman?

It's opposite. The line of the car is ascending to the left. It's not parallel with the bottom of the photo, and that molding that you see is going up- in the picture- as it goes leftward. 

Now, it wasn't going up in real life; it was going down to the left. So, why did it get captured that way in the picture? It's because it was taken on a diagonal from the right, as the professor taught us. 

So, there is NO DOUBT that the Moorman photo was taken on a diagonal, and it's heartening to know that others have realized it. 

But, doesn't it bother you that Mary Moorman has never ever, in 52 years, said that she did that or demonstrated it that way?

And the thing is: I believe her. She has said, numerous times, that she took her picture straight on when the Kennedys were right in front of her. It was just as they are looking above and as Matt Lauer is pointing. And that means that she could not possibly have taken this diagonally-shot photo.

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