Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Oswald Innocence Campaign website is now online at multiple addresses. Our flagship site is still I will always think of that as our main site. But, in addition, we now have it duplicated at:

I have filed a complaint at the Internet Crime Complaint Center concerning the hacking into and corrupting of the OIC website.

The people who are opposing me have every right to set up rival websites that attack my claims- argumentatively. And they can post rival images and collages to advance their conclusions. They have every right to go through my website, point by point, and image by image, to challenge everything I say, and offer alternatives.

But, to resort to crime- in this case, cyber crime- to oppose me only demonstrates their lack of confidence and conviction to beat me through rational argument and the presentation of evidence. But, is there any other way that this war is going to be won? Whatever gains come from sabotage and crime are going to be temporary at best- unless they kill me. And even then, others will carry on. I am not even the chairman, so the OIC would definitely go on without me. So will the website. I've seen to it.

Lee Harvey Oswald was innocent of killing JFK- that is a fact. He was not up on the 6th floor shooting at President Kennedy, but he had to be somewhere, and he happened to be in the TSBD doorway watching the motorcade at the time. And why wouldn't he be? The President of the United States and his glamorous wife- who were probably the two most celebrated human beings on Planet Earth at the time- were driving by, and it was Oswald's lunch hour. So, why wouldn't he go outside to view them? The only alternative I can think of is for him to have watched it from a window, but we know he didn't do that. What else did he have to do that would have precluded him from going outside to watch them? And don't tell me that he waited until that time to eat lunch because that is ridiculous; it is absurd. He had 45 minutes to eat lunch prior to the motorcade and no reason to put it off. 

This is settled. As our Chairman Larry Rivera says, "the game is over." We have reached and exceeded by a wide margin the threshold of proof that Oswald was standing in the doorway. And, I firmly believe that resort to criminality is only going to hasten the demise of the Big Lie.  


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