Friday, December 4, 2015

Undoubtedly, Oswald DID deny owning the rifle or any rifle. Did he also deny owning the pistol? I don't see any basis to deny that he had a pistol on him when he was cornered in the theater, but how he got the pistol remains undetermined. There is no statement of his admitting to owning the pistol. 

There is so much we don't know about Oswald's odyssey. Why did he set off walking down Elm Street the way he did only to get on a bus going the other direction? He walked 7 blocks one direction only to get on a bus going the other direction. To me, that implies a change of mind. Did they ask him about that? Did they ask him why he went to his room? We know that he changed his trousers at his room. Did he also go there to get the pistol? Because if someone gave him the pistol, then he didn't go to his room to get it. Did he go to his room to wait for a pickup or a signal? Earlene Roberts said that a police car honked twice. Was that Oswald's contact? 

Then, everything about the remainder of his odyssey remains a mystery: how he got to the theater, why he went to the theater, the route he took to the theater, why he behaved so strangely at the theater. There isn't one thing about any of that in the Fritz Notes or in any report by him or by anyone else who was present at Oswald's interrogations. It would be a glaring omission in any case, but in this case, another man was killed right while this was happening, and Oswald was accused of killing him. And the "story" of what happened- and it's not Oswald's story at all- doesn't begin to explain what Oswald was doing at 10th and Patton, where he was going, what his intentions were. I get it that they think that, after killing Tippit, Oswald walked 7 blocks, a distance of .6 mile in broad daylight and then decided to "duck" into the theater. But, where was he going before the fatal encounter with Tippit occurred? How could they not ask him? 

Well, here's the problem, and it's glaring. They couldn't ask him. That's because he undoubtedly denied ever being at 10th  and Patton. So, how could they ask him where he was going so as to be there? The only thing they could ask him is where he was going from the time he left his room. And he undoubtedly told them that he went from his room to the theater- directly. That has to be the case because he denied killing Tippit. And if he denied killing Tippit, then surely he denied being at 10th and Patton. 

Why did Oswald go to the theater? What did he expect to happen there?  And what did he expect to do next? What was going to follow it? Do you realize that we have zero information about all this? There isn't a word about the Tippit shooting in the Fritz Notes, even though Oswald was arrested and charged with killing Tippit. And there isn't a word anywhere about what Oswald said about anything that happened after he left his room. It is just a complete vacuum. 

They interrogated him for 13 hours. How could it not come up? What did Oswald say? And why were they so frightened by it that they completely shuttered it?  

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