Friday, December 4, 2015

I wish to comment on the horrific massacre in San Bernardino. I see that there is already a torrent of videos on Youtube claiming that it was a hoax. At this point, I don't know if that's true. But, I will say that I hope that it's true because that would mean that 14 people didn't really die and 17 others weren't really injured. 

The whole thing is so shocking. It is incredible, and it is literally hard to believe. You know how I like to write scripts. Well, in this case, I wouldn't begin to know how to write it, meaning, the conversations between that husband and wife. 

They were, reportedly, living normal lives, with normal values and life goals, having gone to great lengths to find romantic love and marriage. And then they became parents. How do you begin to conceive of doing what they did? How do you talk about it? How do either one of them, and especially the woman, have the capacity to do this? I know she was from Saudi Arabia, but what was she doing over there? Did she have some kind of violent past? 

Again, at this point, I don't know what happened, but I'll admit that when I started hearing talk about the need for stricter gun laws right in the midst of it, I was startled. Right in the midst of it? While it was ongoing? Then, in the first comment out of Obama, he also mentioned gun laws. 14 + 17 = 31. These two people, one of them a small woman, had the time to shoot at 31, that's 31 people without being interrupted? That's how disarmed everyone else was? And they can't see that the problem is that not enough people are armed? That we need more people armed with guns out and about in public daily life in order to make us all safer?

Also, this happened to involve Arab Muslims at a time when public support for military action in Syria is being sought. You've heard in recent days that Britain, France, and the U.S. are going to start bombing in Syria. How can they decide to do this? Isn't Syria an independent country? Russia is doing it, but they're doing it with Syria's permission. How do you just go into another country and start bombing? When you do it without permission, doesn't it amount to making war on that country? They obviously don't care a whit about that. But still, they are seeking public support, and this massacre would seem to help. Again, I was appalled when right in the midst of it, while it was ongoing, I heard references to ISIS. Wasn't that a little swift? 

I expect there will be a lot more unfolding in the days ahead- and I mean unfolding by the government and mainstream media and also unfolding by the alternative media. And I'll be paying attention to both. I hope some clarity comes from it- one way or another.

Right now, I am hoping that those who are saying it was a hoax are right just because it would mean those lives weren't really lost.  


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