Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Anyone can try to duplicate Lovelady's squint. At least, it's an easy experiment to do. 

 I've got more eye showing than he does. He practically has his eyes closed. And what bothers me is how far the line of his upper lid goes. It goes much farther than mine does. It goes too far. His right eye, on our left, does not look right.  And the question is, what were they aiming for when they made this? Well, how about a match to Doorman?
So, they added those black lines on top of his head to create a tuft of hair that would match the one on Doorman.  You notice that it looks like lines rather than hair. There is nothing hair-like about them. Notice that the perspectives of the two images are almost exactly the same. I doubt that was an accident or coincidence. I think it was a deliberate attempt to come up with an image of Lovelady that was modeled after Doorman so that people would think that they are the same man.  But, that eye of Lovelady's is not right, nor is the hair. It is a doctored, altered image. It is also a staged image. 

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