Friday, February 26, 2016

There is a new book out which maintains that Robert Kennedy killed Marilyn Monroe, that he and his henchmen drugged her, and that he then got her psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Greenson, to give her a lethal injection of pentobarbitol  in her heart. 

It's been sensationalized on Daily Mail, a leading UK tabloid.

I have studied the Marilyn Monroe case, and I do not support this story. For one thing, if true, it means that LA Coroner Thomas Noguchi lied because he said he found no needle-marks on her body. And, there are other reasons why I think it lacks credibility which I'll get to, but first:

There is no doubt that Robert Kennedy lied when he said he wasn't there. He claimed he was vacationing with his family in San Jose, California. But, it was just a short helicopter ride from San Jose to Santa Monica, and he certainly could have done that. 

And, he did do it. Multiple witnesses placed him there. They heard him arguing with Marilyn in her house, and they also saw him. That evening, his brother-in-law Peter Lawford got pulled over for speeding, and the officer said that Robert Kennedy was in the back seat. 

I don't think there is any basis to deny that Robert Kennedy was there, that he went to her house, that he argued with her, and that it was a very inflamed situation. All of that is true. And then, of course, she wound up dead. 

And, there is no doubt whatsoever that Marilyn Monroe was murdered. Thomas Noguchi admitted in his coroner's report that there was no yellow streaking in her gut and no refuse from pills and capsules in her stomach. So, she could not possibly have swallowed all those pills. Plus, there was no water in her room and no glass. So, how could she have consumed them? 

But, even though I accept that Robert Kennedy was there and involved with her that day, and that he lied about it, I don't assume that he is the one who killed her, as I'll explain. 

But first, here are the credibility issues with this story. Accordingly, the ambulance driver James Hall saw Marilyn's psychiatrist Dr. Greenson inject her, brutally, in the heart with pentobarbitol. Why would Greenson do such a thing in front of anyone else? Wouldn't he make absolutely sure he was alone? Or otherwise not do it? And why didn't James Hall come forward immediately? Was he afraid of Dr. Greenson? 

Dr. Greenson was her doctor. The book claims they were lovers, but who knows. But, why would he do it? It's true that he fed her drug habit, which was a terrible thing to do, and he made her totally dependent on him, but it's hard to imagine that he would be capable of doing such a monstrous thing as murder her. And why? Out of pressure from Bobby Kennedy? What kind of pressure? Bobby Kennedy was the one who was under pressure because he was Attorney General of the United States. What was the "or else" that RFK was threatening Greenson with? Exposure of Greenson's affair with her? But, RFK had sex with her. So, Greenson could have said, "If you expose my affair, I'll expose yours." 

Supposedly, there were three witnesses to Greenson fatally injecting Marilyn: two ambulance drivers and Peter Lawford. But, why would Greenson trust them to be quiet? And more important, why would James Hall (the ambulance driver who talked) just stand there and watch Greenson do it? Hall, a paramedic, had arrived at the scene of an emergency, and he had a fiduciary responsibility to render aid. If he saw someone taking lethal action against the victim, it was beholden on him to intervene. And I mean, if necessary, by smashing the guy in the face. But, instead he did nothing; he just let the man kill her, and then protected him afterwards by saying nothing? Why didn't he go to the police and report what he saw? Why didn't he call a press conference? Why didn't he shout it from the rooftops?

 So no, I am not buying this. I'll give you the link so that you can read it and appraise it yourself. 

But, there's one last thing: John and Robert Kennedy did not control the US media. There was a pipeline of control but it led to the intelligence agencies, not the White House. That's the CIA and the FBI.  

So, why would the CIA and the FBI want to cover-up a murder by Robert Kennedy? It was August 1962, and the plot to kill JFK was already underway. According to David Talbot in the Devil's Chessboard, it got started right after the Bay of Pigs, which was in April 1961. So, by August 1962, the wheels were definitely in motion to kill Kennedy. So, why would the CIA or the FBI want to protect the Kennedys when they were already plotting to kill JFK? 

And it's important to realize that the press compliance with the official story of Marilyn Monroe's death (suicide) was immediate and sweeping and absolute. It was just as immediate and sweeping and absolute as what we saw with JFK 15 months later. So, this was like a trial run for the media to plug the government's bull shit story with complete utter commitment. 

How could Robert Kennedy have gotten the the whole US media to do that? I don't see how he could have.

Nor could have the Mafia. Therefore, I think Marilyn Monroe's murder was pulled off by the US intelligence community, and I think it's likely that the responsibility for her murder rests squarely on J. Edgar Hoover. That's because the dirt on Hoover was among the things that the Kennedy brothers revealed to Marilyn in the pillow talk. Here's the link:

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