Saturday, February 13, 2016

No, Backes. I didn't come up with the term Gorilla Man. The one who came up with it was Jim Fetzer. 

And it applies no matter what version of Gorilla Man you use. Here's a version that Robin Unger just put up today. Gorilla Man!

That's right; he is first, last, and always Gorilla Man. There is no image of him in which the moniker doesn't apply. 

Never did Harold Weisberg or anyone else see Gorilla Man in the Martin film. Harold wrote about where he saw it, and it was in the DCA compilation. He never ever said that he saw it in the Martin film. He referred to it as such because that's what he was told, that it was from the Martin film.  

And read his statement. He says that the Lovelady figure has a beard. Did he or anyone ever suggest that Doorman has a beard?

Is that what we have been looking at all this time on Doorman? A guy with a beard? A full beard? Then why didn't somebody say so?

Clearly that is NOT what we are seeing. Doorman did NOT have a beard, and it is not debatable. Clearly, if Lovelady had a beard, he could not be Doorman. And if Lovelady did not have a beard, then just as surely, Gorilla Man could not be Lovelady. 

Obviously, the FBI didn't think Lovelady had a beard on 11/22/63 because if they did, they would have instructed him to keep it for the photo shoot.

So, why did Harold Weisberg nonchalantly refer to Lovelady having a beard? What was he thinking?

Harold Wesiberg is dead, so we can't ask him what he was thinking. However, we know logically that if Billy Lovelady had a beard, then he couldn't be Doorman, and if he didn't have a beard, he couldn't be this guy. 

So, if you are going to admit that Billy Lovelady did not have a beard on 11/22/63, then you have to explain why there is a purported image of him in a beard. Harold Weisberg pointed it out, but he's gone. Those who defend the legitimacy of this image are the ones who have to explain it. And the beard is just one discrepancy. Lovelady didn't have arms like that. Lovelady didn't have a hairline like that, shaped like a horseshoe. He didn't have a pink neck. 

How'd that happen, huh? It isn't even anatomical. It's like a cartoon.

You want to defend the authenticity of this image? Fine. Go ahead. Then address all of it. All the anomalies, starting with the one that Harold Weisberg pointed out: his beard. 

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