Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Robin Unger has posted this article about the death of Lovelady, and it includes an image of him not seen before, at least, not by me.

The article emphasized how much Oswald and Lovelady looked alike, and it stands to reason that they would want the images to reflect that. So, what we need to do is compare this image of Lovelady to other images of him and look for discrepancies. 

But first, let's address the article. It included a statement from his "family attorney" Ken Brookten.  Brooten was previously the chief counsel of the HSCA who resigned just to represent Lovelady. I'm sure he felt he could serve the Commission better in that capacity.

Then, it said that his death prompted no autopsy. No autopsy? A 41 year old man suddenly drops dead and you don't do an autopsy? They said he had an "apparent" heart attack but how would they know without doing an autopsy? It is an outrage that they didn't do one.

The photo on the left was taken in 1976 by Robert Groden. The photo on the right was published at the time of Lovelady's death in 1979. But, as I look at it, his face looks older on the left. So, if I had to guess, I would say that the image on the right was taken beforehand. 

I'm a little curious about his hair on top in front. Is that real, or was it etched in? You would expect it to be combed back. It looks weird. 

But, the weirdest thing of all is his eyes. That is as severe degree of squinting that I have ever seen. 

And you can see on the left that, if anything, Lovelady tended to be exopthalamic; his eyes bulged. 

So, why is he squinting like that on the right? Is he in that bright of sunlight? He doesn't appear to be. Furthermore, if he was squinting to that extent, you'd expect him to bring his hand up and visor his eyes. The two go together.

Here is an image of a girl squinting, and it fits the expected pattern. You can see the bright sunlight on her face. You can see that she reacted to it by bringing her hands up. 

But, what we're seeing on Lovelady is the complete closure of the lateral (outer) side of his eye. We just see the juncture of the lids, with the upper lid coming down over the lower lid. 

In other words, what I'm saying is that in the above picture, Lovelady practically has his eyes shut. Why is he doing that? If the glare was that great, he'd have had his hands raised. His eyes are almost completely shut. And is the angle of his upper lid over his lover lid even possible? 

That does not look like anything real to me. But, let's keep looking at people squinting.

So far, I have not been able to find any images that duplicate this:

How could the upper eyelid do that?

So, I have to think that they doctored the area of his eyes severely.

You contort your whole face when you squint, but Lovelady is not doing it.

Let's do a collage with this guy's eye and Lovelady's.

You notice how natural the look is on the right and how unnatural it is on the left. 

Here is the former Speaker of the House squinting.

I included this one because the angle is closer to Lovelady's, meaning from his left. But again, the difference is night and day.

Usually, you squint your eyes evening, and the upper and lower lids remain parallel, as we see on the Speaker. What we are seeing on Lovelady on the right is very weird. 

So, let's go back to the collage of Lovelady and Lovelady.

I think his eyes were doctored on the right. The degree of overlap and diagonal folding of the upper lid over the lower lid is not natural or normal. And I have not been able to find another image that matches it. I relegate this as yet another altered image of Billy Lovelady.  

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