Friday, February 19, 2016

We have a new discovery tonight. Larry Rivera has identified  the woman with the camera on the left side of the Altgens     photo. Her name was Maggie Brown and she worked for the Dallas Morning News.
You see the woman whose arms are raised. That's Maggie. She is in a black dress, and she is holding a camera. Next to  her  is another woman who is wearing a white blouse. and 
between them is a black inkspot, which was added to the 
photo to hide something.

We have wondered about that inkspot for a very long time- 
what they were covering up with it. But now for the first 
time in 52 years, Larry has identified the camerawoman, so      that's progress.  

The way he did it was to use Dan Roberdeau's witness map and  Harold Weisberg's witness list both of which are incorporated in the collage below. 

Also, in the Zapruder film, going from frame Z-16 all the way to Z-166, you can clearly that see she has a camera at face   level. Larry also placed an inset from the Lifton/Welsh article published in Ramparts in January 1967 entitled "The case for three assassins" which identified her as well.

This collage below shows the match to Maggie Brown in the 
Zapruder film.


Then, the question is, did Maggie Brown capture LBJ ducking in the VP car behind the Queen Mary?

Larry: "No wonder she was totally ignored by the FBI and WC.  Not a single DPD report, affidavit or FBI interview! They knewshe had filmed everything and it would have made perfect sense. She worked for the DMN and was accompanied by her co-workers Woodward, Lorenzo and Donaldson. I would even venture to say it was her assignment that day. Mary Woodward, of course, the only one who came forward much later in Nigel Turner's documentary, where she stated she saw the limo stop AND the fact that they altered her article published that afternoon. All indications seem to show that the DMN possibly hoarded these four   women and told them to keep their mouths shut, as vividly     described by Woodward in "The Men Who Killed Kennedy", at 6:48, 
  they confiscated Brown's film, and kept them isolated from  investigators. Freedom of the press!"

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