Thursday, February 18, 2016

I received this email from someone, whose name I won't publish.

Hi Ralph,

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary:

Mary Moorman is an extremely important and compelling witness to the 
assassination. I have great admiration for her and believe she is truthful in mostall of her statements.  But there is one area where she is obviously less than 
forthright. In discussing this, please be clear that I am in no way attacking her.
It is likely she was either ordered or threatened to keep silent about it.

She has to know that the extant "Moorman photograph" is not the photograph
she took in Dealey Plaza.  As she said, Mary took her photo when the limo
was directly "opposite" her.  When she looked at it in the Plaza, it showed the
limo directly in front of her, in line with her, and not driving on down the street with the back of JFK's head to her, as seen in the "Babushka Photograph".

When the photo was returned to her on the afternoon of November 22, she 
immediately knew it wasn't the photograph she had taken.  How could she not?

Despite being either ordered or threatened to maintain silence, Mary has been
trying to tell the truth about it in her own way, by steadfastly maintaining
over the years that she took her photo when the limo had reached her, and not passed her driving away.

Yes, that is a good point that Mary has always said that the she took her picture when the Kennedys were directly across from her.  She did not wait until they passed her. And, just as important, she said  she took her picture in conjunction with the first shot- not after the  last shot had been fired. So she absolutely and positively did not take the photo known as the Moorman photo.   

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