Sunday, February 21, 2016

Protective as they are of the killers, the bastards just color over the alterations. 

Notice that the black disc is on top of the hair of the woman next to Maggie Brown.

The black disc is covering her hair, her right ear, and the lower part of her face. But, there was no object between her and Ike Altgens and his camera. And lo and behold:

The somvabitch Hinrichs made it up. Plucker thinks he's Picasso. He actually painted hair there right within the diameter of the black disc. Look at them side by side: 

How dare he? And one more thing, Backass: this is most certainly not LBJ below. It is Rufus Youngblood, the Secret Service agent.

And: that expression on his face is how he reacted when he was asked if he really saved the life of LBJ.  Idiot. 

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