Wednesday, February 10, 2016

In his Warren Commission testimony, Will Fritz contradicted himself in his own statement. 

Mr. BALL. Did you ask him what happened that day; where he had been?
Mr. FRITZ. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. What did he say?
Mr. FRITZ. Well he told me that he was eating lunch with some of the employees when this happened, and that he saw all the excitement and he didn't think--I also asked him why he left the building. He said there was so much excitement there then that "I didn't think there would be any work done that afternoon and we don't punch a clock and they don't keep very close time on our work and I just left."
Mr. BALL. At that time didn't you know that one of your officers, Baker, had seen Oswald on the second floor?
Mr. FRITZ. They told me about that down at the bookstore; I believe Mr. Truly or someone told me about it, told me they had met him--I think he told me, person who told me about, I believe told me that they met him on the stairway, but our investigation shows that he actually saw him in a lunchroom, a little lunchroom where they were eating, and he held his gun on this man and Mr. Truly told him that he worked there, and the officer let him go.
Mr. BALL. Did you question Oswald about that?
Mr. FRITZ. Yes, sir; I asked him about that and he knew that the officer stopped him all right.
Mr. BALL. Did you ask him what he was doing in the lunchroom?
Mr. FRITZ. He said he was having his lunch. He had a cheese sandwich and a Coca-Cola.
Mr. BALL. Did he tell you he was up there to get a Coca-Cola?
Mr. FRITZ. He said he had a Coca-Cola.

First, Fritz said that Oswald claimed to be eating lunch with "some of the employees" during the shooting, an obvious reference to Jarman and Norman and the domino room, which was on the first floor. But then, Fritz made it that Oswald said he was having his lunch on the 2nd floor in conjunction with getting the Coke. Fritz said Oswald said he had a "cheese sandwich and a Coca-Cola," but there was no cheese sandwich involved at the 2nd floor encounter. Oswald was on the move, just entering the lunch room when Baker first saw him. He wasn't seated at a table, and he had nothing in his hands: no Coke, no cheese sandwich, no nothing. This is the merging of two separate incidents. What really happened is that Oswald ate his lunch, consisting of a cheese sandwich and an apple, in the downstairs lunch room way, way, way, way before the assassination- right after they broke for lunch.  And while he was in there, Jarman and Norman came into the room to get their lunches. It seems that they were in and out. It's not like they sat down and ate with him. And then in the second incident, Oswald went to the 2nd floor snack room, and he was just getting there when Baker saw him. He was just arriving. They both got there about the same time; Oswald slightly ahead of Baker. Oswald would eventually get a Coke but not until Baker left. Both Baker and Truly said that Oswald had no Coke and had nothing in his hands when they saw him. There was certainly no cheese sandwich involved. And, Baker and Truly did not know each other, so they could not possibly have conspired to lie about this. So, everything Will Fritz told Joseph Ball about what Oswald said was a despicable lie, and Joseph Ball wasn't even interested in finding out who the "other employees" were, which is amazing in itself since he was a lawyer.  

Although I can't remember his name, a lawyer was appointed to watch over Oswald's interests at the Warren Commission. Well, when that lawyer got to this testimony of Fritz, why didn't he want to find out who the "other employees" were whom Oswald supposedly used for an alibi- and talk to them? 

Of course, it's all lies. Oswald's alibi for the assassination was not that he was eating or drinking but that he was "out with Bill Shelley in front."   

When Will Fritz did this- lied the way he did about what Oswald said- it made him an accessory in the murder of John F. Kennedy. When you lie to protect murderers, it makes you responsible for their murders. Will Fritz has got blood on his hands. 

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