Monday, February 15, 2016

I have been asked by a well-meaning person what I think of Robert Groden, and particularly his contention that Oswald was getting change from Mrs. Geraldine Reed, known officially as Mrs. Robert A. Reed throughout the proceedings. According to Groden, Oswald said to her, "no pennies, no pennies."

What I think is that I am outraged by Robert Groden's claim. Here is the testimony of Mrs. Robert Reed. She claimed to be standing outside watching the motorcade with her boss at the time of the shots, and soon after that, she went back inside. And when she got to her office, she encountered Oswald walking through it. It was a large, open office area. Today, they would create individual workstations using partitions, which are often called cubicles, but they didn't do that back then.

Read that testimony; then read it again; then read it a third time. Geraldine Reed said nothing about making change for Oswald on 11/22/63. She said that when she encountered him that day in her office that he already had a Coke- and the change for it did not come from her. She said her encounter with Oswald occurred 2 minutes after the last shot. And she knew that precisely because the Warren Commission investigators timed her with a stop watch when she reenacted it for them. And apparently, WC Attorney David Belin was there at the time and involved in the experiment. 

Mr. BELIN. And when in Dallas, we started the stopwatch from the time that the last shot was fired, is that correct?
Mrs. REID. That is right.
Mr. BELIN. And then you went through your actions, what you saw, your conversations that you had, and your actions in going back into the building and up to the point that you saw Lee Harvey Oswald?
Mrs. REID. That is right.
Mr. BELIN. Do you remember how long by the stopwatch it took you?
Mrs. REID. Approximately 2 minutes.
Mr. DULLES. I didn't hear you.
Mrs. REID. Two minutes.
Mr. BELIN. From the time of the last shot the time you and Oswald crossed?
Mrs. REID. Yes; I believe that is the way we timed it.
Mr. BELIN. When you--you saw me start the stopwatch and you saw me stop it there, right?
Mrs. REID. Yes. 

There is not a shred of evidence that Robert Gorden's tall tale is true, and if it were true, it would mean that everything Mrs. Reed told investigators was a lie. What is the likelihood of that?

Oswald was definitely in the doorway during the shooting, and Groden has been lying about it for 52 years. Groden was part of the whole evil scheme to save "Lovelady in the doorway" for the HSCA. And if you look at their work- including Robert Groden's- you realize how diabolical that collaboration was. For instance, Groden was supposed to compare images of Oswald, Lovelady, and Doorman, but guess what? He didn't include a single image of Oswald in the comparison. The closest he came was to show an image of Oswald's shirt, but even it doesn't look authentic. It certainly doesn't look anything like it did on Oswald's back.

Why didn't Groden put together a collage this like the one below? He had just as much access to the images as I did. 

And why hasn't Groden responded to the compelling work of Larry Rivera who showed that Oswald's face fits over Doorman's in perfect synchrony? 

That Robert Groden is wrong is beyond any doubt, but I have to wonder if there isn't more to it than that. I have to wonder if he hasn't been working for the other side all along. We know the CIA has infiltrated the JFK truth movement- and not just infiltrated it but tried to take it over. To control your opposition, you become your opposition. Some fear that they are trying to do the same thing in the 9/11 truth movement. But, they are definitely doing it in the JFK truth movement. And I strongly suspect that Robert Groden really works for them. 

But regardless, Robert Groden has been on the wrong side of every issue pertaining to Oswald and Lovelady and their whereabouts. Groden has defended the authenticity of EVERYTHING: the Backyard photos, the Altgens photo, the Zapruder film, the clip of Gorilla Lovelady outside the TSBD, the clip of Lovelady seated in the squad room when Oswald was led by- he vouches for all of that, and it is all crap.  All of those images- and more- were altered. The JFK assassination is the most photographically altered event of all time. 

I say it is high time that real Oswald defenders/JFK truthers reject Robert Groden because he is not for real. He is working for the other side. 

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