Monday, February 15, 2016

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia died in Marfa, West Texas. That's the town where the 1950s epic Giant was filmed.  There are a torrent of videos on Youtube claiming that he was murdered. Was he? I don't claim to know. But, I do know that they announced right away that he died of "natural causes" but that no autopsy was performed or is going to be. So, how do they know he died of natural cause? And why not autopsy? Why wouldn't they perform an autopsy? How can they be sure he died of natural causes unless they perform an autopsy?

Now, they're saying that at age 79, he had a myriad of health problems. Oh really? Well, he was well enough to be vacationing at a lavish ranch in West Texas. He didn't live there. And, he was well enough to keep working as a Supreme Court Justice. There was no talk of him retiring, was there?

Look: if he was ambulatory and stable- stable enough to be working and stable enough to travel for leisure- and he died suddenly at the age of 79, and it was natural, then something catastrophic must have happened inside his body. Either he had a heart attack, a stroke, a pulmonary embolism, a ruptured aneurysm, or something- and I mean something that would have been detected on autopsy. So, why didn't they do one?  How could they not want to know? How could his family not want to know? And whose decision was it? They said that some judge decided, but why wasn't it up to his family? He's got as many kids as there are justices on the Supreme Court. 

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