Friday, February 12, 2016

Poor Harold Weisberg. He may have died not knowing that they concocted Gorilla Lovelady mostly because of him, what he, Harold, had done and was doing. And I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that Harold Weisberg despised Robert Groden.

And I can't say I blame him. I despise Robert Groden. Robert Groden sold out to the HSCA. He, supposedly did a photo comparison of Oswald, Doorman, and Lovelady, except that he did not include a single image of Oswald.

Do you see any image of Oswald there? The closest he got to including Oswald was to include Oswald's shirt, and even that doesn't look legit. Would it have killed him to compare an image of Oswald in his shirt to Doorman in his shirt?

Now, let's be crystal about something here: not doing that; not putting those two images side by side was a deliberate act of obfuscation; it was a deliberate obstruction of justice. It's not as though it didn't occur to him. It's not as though it sailed over his radar. Robert Groden deliberately avoided showing how well Oswald matched the Man in the Doorway, in both his person and his clothing. 

Here is a letter by Harold Weisberg to Harry Livingstone in which he speaks derogatorily of Robert Gorden, but there are ones much worse than this which I am looking for. 

I'll ask OIC Chairman Larry Rivera. I know he has some of the letters in which Harold Weisberg raged against Robert Groden.
He had a bit of temper, old Harold did. 

But, Harold Weisberg was one of the greats, and when this is all over, he'll get his just reward; he'll be knighted. 

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