Sunday, February 14, 2016

Dr. Paul Roberts wrote of the "military security complex" having killed John Kennedy and then Robert Kennedy, which is similar and probably identical in meaning to "national security complex" which is the preferred term of Vincent Salandria. 

But, let's assume, for the sake of argument, that they're right. What are the implications of it? The implications are that the entire system of government in this country of ours is corrupt. I presume everyone will agree that if the government commits murder by killing a sitting President and then murders the man who was about to become President, then that is bad. It's bad because murder is bad and because replacing Presidents that way is bad in a country that is supposed to be a democratic republic. 

But, it's actually even worse than that because these crimes also include the cover-ups of these crimes, and the media has been just as complicit in the cover-ups as the government. So, what are the implications of that? The implications of that are that we really have a Pravda-like media in this country. 

If you grew up during the Cold War as I did, then you remember hearing about Pravda, that it was just a mouthpiece for the Soviet government, a propaganda rag, just Baghdad Bob with a Russian accent. 

But, if the US media is really just a bunch of Baghdad Bobs, then it is no laughing matter, but if there is a joke involved, it's on us. 

Wasn't Dan Rather back in 1963 really just a Baghdad Bob?

What does it mean when the corporate media is in the hip pocket of the government, doing its bidding, telling its tales, spewing its lies? Really, the proper word for that is fascism

Fascism, of course, is derived from Italian, and it was reference to Mussolini's totalitarian rule in Italy. In Germany, they didn't refer to Nazism as fascism. The literal meaning of their word for it was: corporatism: the merger and integration of major corporate entities with the organs of the State.  

So, if Dr. Roberts is right that the State killed John and Robert Kennedy, and the corporate media has been covering it up for over half a century, it means that we really have a fascist system in this country, and it also means that there is no evil facing us in the world today that is greater than the evil of our supposed protectors. 

What happened after the JFK assassination- and I mean immediately after the shot that blew Kennedy's head off- is really much worse than the murder of the one man. How many people were involved in that? And let's say that everyone who knew that it was going to happen was involved. How many individuals actually knew about it?  

I have no way of knowing that, and I doubt anyone else does either. It's really just anyone's guess. But, just for the heck of it, I am going to take a gander at it, and you'll see why in a minute. I am going to suggest that approximately 200 individuals had prior knowledge of the JFK assassination. 

But, how many people have been involved afterwards in covering it up, lying about what happened, and selling the official lies? It is literally in the millions. And I'm not letting anyone off the hook here. I don't presume that anyone tapped Earl Warren on the shoulder and said, "You know, of course, that we killed Kennedy, and we killed Tippit and Oswald too." I don't presume anyone ever said anything to him that deviated in the slightest from the official story. And I don't know that he ever had a personal reckoning about it, and I presume he never did. I presume he had the discipline not to go there mentally. Still, I hold him accountable and responsible for the simple reason that he should have known better. He was a lawyer. He was a judge. He was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He had been the Governor of California. The case against Lee Harvey Oswald is so flagrantly and transparently bogus- there is no excuse for anyone not to see it. 

So, Earl Warren participated in the JFK cover-up. He, willfully and by his own volition, participated in that dog and pony show that bears his name, and in my mind, that leaves blood on his hands. If he didn't face the truth, it's because he chose not to face it.

Am I saying that he's as guilty as Allen Dulles? Well, in my opinion: just about. They all are. When you're dealing with something this evil, this abominable, if you don't stand up to it, if you just acquiesce to it, then you are part and parcel of it. You own it.  

What are the government and corporate media going to do if maintaining the official story of the JFK assassination becomes untenable? I think they're going to lie some more but in a different way. They're going to find some individuals to blame, and perhaps even some big names, like Johnson and Nixon- as if it was just them, acting as individuals. But, I predict it won't work, and it may very well make matters worse. 

I'm sure Dr. Paul Roberts knows full-well that the massive exposure of the truth about the JFK assassination and its cover-up would produce a crisis of legitimacy- the legitimacy of the government, the legitimacy of the media, the legitimacy of the educational system, and more. And, I guarantee you that it's going to take a lot more than the proclamations of some Baghdad Bobs to get it resolved.  

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