Thursday, February 11, 2016

You're damn right I don't like that Altgens film was cut up, that somebody took scissors to it. Do you remember Lisa, the degreed photographer? She said it is very unusual to do that and that professionals never do it. 

For one thing, you'd want to keep them together, and leaving the film intact would guarantee it. Leaving it intact means there is no possibility of dislocation. Furthermore, the intact film is easier to handle, less likely to be damaged, lost, stolen, etc. It's one unit, and why wouldn't you want to keep it that way? 

Altgens6 and Altgens7 were most certainly NOT the only assassination photographs for at least 24 hours. What an idiot!

I never said Sam Kinney wasn't Sam Kinney. I said that Emory Roberts was talking on the car phone during the shooting, and a smudge was put over his mouth to hide that fact.

 There is no photographic reason why that smudge should be there. There was no object between Altgens' camera and Robert's mouth. That is blatant obfuscation, to hide the fact that when shots were going off Roberts was talking to somebody instead of trying to help Kennedy.

Above, you can easily see the web of his hand as he held the compact car phone in his hand as he spoke into the mic. 

That anomaly and all the other anomalies are present in the so-called contact sheet of Altgens6.

Therefore, it could not possibly have come from the original film since the image is altered. I pointed to the dark windshield of the Presidential limo in contrast to that of the Secret Service car, and there is no photographic reason for that either. 

The Altgens photo is very likely the most altered political photograph of all time. It is monstrously and grotesquely altered.

You are wicked, Backes. You are the devil of JFK assassination research. 

But, you are powerless. You haven't stopped the OIC. You haven't stopped the growth of awareness of Oswald in the doorway. You haven't caused me to remove one thing from the OIC website. Everything I ever wrote about Oswald being Doorman and about all the film images of plaided Lovelady being fake, fake, fake are still there. I've had no cause to remove them. 4 years have passed and I have had no cause to remove them. The certainty has only grown. And so has the certainty of how this is going to end. The official story- which you support- is going to collapse like the Twin Towers. 

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